Mike Adams and Alex Jones Targeted by Google/CIA: Big Event Coming ?



Dave’s interview with Mike Adams:

Petition against Google to WH, for unlawful attacks on independent journalists to subvert first amendment rights:



Leaked: Israel Admits Jews in fact Khazars; Secret Ukraine Migration Plan

Covert Geopolitics

Ashkenazi Jews are war-like Khazarians and they came from Ukraine. Palestinians are the original Israelites which the Jews are driving out from their native homeland.

It was revealed that those who are backing the AshkeNazi coup in Ukraine are Khazarian Jews in Israel to effect the secret plan for the Jews’ reverse migration to where they originally came from.

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Take a Lesson in Courage From President Trump


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By: Mary Carmel News

It is time to look at why the conservatives are under attack , and revisit what we must do to engage, how to fight back. It might be a good time to really understand the Trump phenomenon that devastated the Clinton campaign, and all that is attached to it.
Because the tactics of the left throughout history have been largely approached in a more physical way, as opposed to the conservative approach (the group trying to preserve our republican freedoms through the power of the pen and the more traditional channels of government such as the vote, and interaction through legislation).
The radical left tactics around the world, now in the US stronger than ever, have taken to the streets, college campuses, and the press .. and we are being outnumbered by forces that scream civil rights, but ignore the fact that they hypocritically shut down the very freedoms they are supposed to be marching for. They are now taking this to a level of physical violence and infringing upon the very laws in place to protect everyone involved.
As William Buckley once observed and said :
“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views”

Liberals seem to have a misunderstanding of how their government was born in the first place , the history behind that, this is why they are so quick to try to restrict the bill of rights and constitution that gives them the very right to protest in the first place. Many, as college students have no knowledge of the history of the republic. They also do not understand the true definition of a democracy, and that not one has been successful in history! They do not know that the republic was chosen by our forefathers to protect the minority, and restrict the overreach of government.
As well , the term liberal in a classic sense, differed very much from the meaning today. The whole revolution was based on liberalism ( the liberalism of Thomas Jefferson and his ilk, not the liberalism that they have conveniently kept attached to the Democratic Party that has slowly morphed into a very fascist, sometimes straight out communist movement.

In fact,we were warned about the two party system, and that it would ultimately destroy our hard earned liberty if not avoided .
The two party system was devised by the elite to make sure that one of their candidates was placed on either side, to give you an illusion of choice .. they are one big party that work for interests of the oligarchs now , since the money became a factor in this horse race known as elections. This Is better known as the left-right paradigm.

We must take a lesson from Donald Trump, and learn it well . No matter what virtues you have …the ultimate courage he has shown, and disregard for the insults, lies, and bad press has never let him take his eyes of the target to restore this republic, and revive the responsibility of the American people to maintain it through participation .
You see, the left, out of ignorance, thinks they can order up these freedoms, but then hand them to a large centralized government, trusting that our politicians will preserve that in their naivety.
In other words they take their liberty lightly, and assume grows on trees then they are suddenly surprised by the erosion of those rights, through lack of participation, and they turn to force to be heard (protest is different than rioting, one is a crime).
This is a recipe for revolution and disaster.

Conservatives, as you can see, are not the ones in the streets causing chaos. A conservative will use the letter of the law and fight back .
Which is more effective ?
As we can see through our history, maintaining a government that has always respected the peaceful transition of power, the conservatives seem to have the better formula to avoid revolution, despite the hot topics we have faced as a young and growing nation . There is remedy under the law, but leftists confuse this with oppression. Anarchy has never been successful, our government’s intent was there under the republic, to merely protect you from enemies foreign and domestic.

The left use oppression of speech as they scream free speech because they have been so socially engineered, or not educated in their own process of government to realize they are the ones that engage in fascism, but accuse Trump of being the fascist, or his voters! This is where they truly reveal their ignorance. President Trump is the ultimate Capitalist… free enterprise is what made America prosper!
They let large corporate fascist interests that have sucked them dry of their prosperity, use them as their pawns in a game of their own self destruction… self destruction of something they will never understand or appreciate until they lose it .

There is a reason we preserve .. and are conservative in our ways .. we are protecting a form of government that has been infiltrated from the inside and outside. Leftists see us not as allies and fellow Americans, but as enemies, when we all really have the same agenda that we are fighting for, with exception of a few issues to negotiate as we always have. Obama did not help them… because he NEVER negotiated, and now they have a distorted view of the executive branch. He achieved his goals to a point, through force…
He dived us through race baiting, tried to destroy the constitution and our culture as Americans .

It is the conservatives that have fought liberals year after year to guard the liberties of the republic, by preserving it’s intent. They do not see this through lack of understanding, of what the republic stands for in the first place. The severity of stepping on the Constitution and Bill of Rights after all these years, is underestimated as a threat to the way of life, they take for granted.

Liberals have narrowed the guidelines of debate through restriction .. by labeling something hate speech, or creating a safe space, a zone you must not breach, which is the very thing that has broken free societies down, creating PC speech, and self censorship.
Trump, with the fearlessness of a Conservative leader, refuses to stay within their PC zone created under modern liberalism and has taken the training wheels off of Democrats and Republicans alike, that have succumbed to this unacceptable attack on our constitution. Their shock was evident!

I often try to explain to a leftist, or an Athiest, etc…
When they blindly reveal their lack of understanding , that the first amendment protects their point of view just as much as another’s. The whole point behind the term free speech! For all!
It does not however, guarantee to protect your feelings if you are offended by the other side, or their point of view. “Different” in the eyes of a liberal is automatically equated with “wrong”.
This is why the term hate speech has no place in our government. The founders knew the importance if this.
The language of the first amendment is very clear .. no favoritism! That means no lack of due process toward a dissenter or their point of view . A good example of this since WWII, was the creation of the State of Israel. Israeli donors and dual citizenship lobbyists have infiltrated the halls of congress and tried to use the term anti- Semitism toward anyone that might disagree with the policies of the Israeli government, or show criticism toward the crimes of the the Zionist political movement that dictated what information we received, as they literally owned the press. They set the narrative, in their favor of their goals of course, and have admittedly said they used anti-semitism as a tool to silence their opponents. Yes, this goes on in Western society today! They now try with our attitude towards a Muslim population that refuses to assimilate to our culture, but insists that we change our laws to accommodate them! Complain and you are accused of hate speech toward Muslims. You get the point . Thomas Jefferson would have a stroke!
This is where the US population refuses to let them break down our first amendment. Dissent is allowed here, like it or not ! Or check your US passport at the door.

Through liberal professors, infiltration of the churches, schools, and their narratives, they have even used unconstitutional means such as revocation of the 5013c tax exempt status under laws like the Johnson Law to quiet the dissent of pastors, and withhold truth from the population. The UN and their control over education , reprinting of textbooks to keep Americans dumbed down as to the truth of the world wars has been in place for several generations, and now you are observing the frightening result…
An uneducated populace on the left that blindly protests, but through frustration, when opposed, they resort to violence. It is the only other tool they have left without knowledge of geopolitics, historical facts, and their own form of government.
Not progress at all, progressives! To the contrary. And where does a conservative have the edge in this so called debate? Understanding, and participation in government, application of the law, and our policies. Without even a generalized record of history we would not fight for this republic the way we do. We KNOW what is at stake.
In defense of all Americans, left or right, we were all lied to.

Liberals have always been on hand to protest for the powers that be. Set up a concert, a campus, or a big pow wow, and under the banner of a ‘good cause’ get them to fight for the destruction of their own liberties. They know not what they do!

The fact they they opposed the same immigration laws of all presidents in the past that have protected them in times of war is just complete abandonment of not only logic,  but they neglected to do their homework and realize this is the norm in the US ! It was only OBAMA that let his mercenaries in here. Why?
Obama served the likes of the globalists such as George Soros, the very man that has brought nation after nation down under color revolutions, his very business. He is indeed a fascist, worked for the Nazis, but they take a paycheck from him or join his organizations blindly, subverting their own government. While screaming Nazi to Conservative faces. They do not know that the destruction of America is his goal, other than the traitors that just sell out to him.

So conservatives, take a lesson from President Trump! Nothing can be accomplished unless you have courage. The courage he shows against any president in history to actually take on the operation Mockingbird press that is CIA controlled, to dismantle your country through propaganda and fake news!

There are many in this country with great intentions that need to stop self censoring, and walk outside the safe zone of PC and knock them back into reality with your knowledge and fearlessness!

Never forget the strength of your collective voices here. The Democrats have successfully taken their own party of racism, the founders of the KKK & Jim Crow, fighters against the Civil Rights Movement , and literally turned that around to accuse conservatives of creating divide, creating racism!!!
Do they forget it was the republicans that outlawed the small percent of slave owners (1.4% in its peak ! Mostly large business owners, fascists!! Fascists by the way are the result of corporate power).
They have successfully in many cases tried to inflict European and American Caucasians with guilt for being born with their skin color ! They are the racist party!!! Conservatives that worked two, three jobs, refusing to take state aid, and supported the welfare system…These are the people that they accuse of having “White Privilege”. It is backward!

You are living as a conservative, in a country that after the OBAMA attack, and his colleagues in congress (many of them card carrying communists or members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization) Both groups in regard to past immigration laws would have never had entry to the US, and you need to find a way to make people stop rejecting conservatism because they do not know what it is!
It is conserving, protecting an idea, as Ron Paul said. And yes “ideas are bulletproof”. They can do nothing to disrupt that idea . So they, after losing the election, resort to the fascism you are witnessing.

Until we can hold steadfast to protecting the reasons for the American revolution, equality under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, America could fail. In our own defense as a nation, we are not just fighting the British army here. We are fighting infiltration from within, mercenaries that seek to destroy us through Obama/Soros led coerced engineered migration, and the added layer of an unelected global group of oligarchs called the UN.
All of these groups have intent of destroying the Constitutional Republic. We must learn to drop the American privilege guilt as a nation that gives more aid than any combined. We must learn to be fearless, to expose the paper tiger called the NWO Establishment! They will prove to be ineffectual instead of threatening!

You do this by calling out these organizations for exactly what they are…oppressive and desperate tools of the globalists.
BLM does not have a right to generalize, kill police, and beat white people. They are domestic terrorists trying to inflict fear and guilt on the inhabitants of the US. We are all Americans.

The Muslim Brotherhood groups that clog up litigation in our courts trying to implement Islamic law in a country that is based on separation of Church and state, we must show resistance to them and learn to identify their groups that are their offspring, such as CAIR, MSA, and a ton of others. You had better look them up because they are growing.

Protect your children from the globalist doctrine. Hopefully with the education system now going back to states and not under the UN plan for common core we have a fighting chance .

Remember your rights and do not let the police state, under the unconstitutional
Patriot Act take an inch! This dastardly piece of legislature needs to be repealed.

There are many many issues we must fight. Remember their is much power in using our voices collectively. Do not engage the fascist left as an accomplice to their crimes or lower yourself, as they want you to. Learn how to have an advantage in strategy!

I have mentioned groups, and list them in my You Tube descriptions, like NLA and others.
We are in the courts, trying to take back our jurisdiction in DC since the Act of 1871. This corporation was devised without our consent. And under the Constitution that was Fraud (there is no statute of limitation on fraud). Join us, we will need juror pools! In all states.

Lastly, keep on your local reps and congress people. No matter how crooked they are, remind them that the American people can unseat them for their acts against our constitution as easily as they were elected! They are YOUR public servants. They forget this.

These leftists have people representing them more than we have, really. So far, as I can see … when I go into my phone app COUNTABLE. I see them in there voicing opinion to others and to their reps, it is scary! They have no idea what they are voting on, and the consequences!
And guess what !?! Where are all the Trump voters? We are outnumbered in there as conservatives. This has got to be done! If you do not want to see them slipping through these unconstitutional bills, you need to be on them!!!! The Dems have their foot soldiers in there!

They are attacking freedom of individuality, your right to association as a Trump voter or a conservative, to have your views. They are as important as anyone else’s, and have the right to be expressed just as much as anyone else’s. That is the danger of their collectivism, it spirals into self censorship and slowly, they are creating what the elite want, a huge plantation…Everyone a slave. The very thing our Constitution does NOT represent. They are useless idiots as the communists called them when they were done with them. Be fearless! Your future is at stake.

“Americanism, not globalism!”
– Donald J. Trump

Socrates knew:
“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the victim”

Mary Carmel News™


The Real First World War

Covert Geopolitics

Europe’s “Great War” of 1914-1918 does not deserve to be called the “First World War.” That title should go to the first real global conflict, Europe’s genocidal invasion of other regions that began in the final decade of the 15th Century. European historians have sought to downplay the ferocity, extent and significance of that earlier conflict by treating it as a diffuse historical process, but if we who were victims accept that view it disables our understanding of everything that has happened since then.

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Cutting And Gutting Communism From The USA And The World

Well said ! Great article ! MC

Earth Life Liberation Outlet


Written by Dustin Bond

A very dark spell has been lifted across the world and as satanic globalism is being ripped from us much like Spidey above ripping venom off of himself, it will likely prove to be very hard and possibly very painful.  Strap yourselves in for an article of Truth, Love deceit and long overdo responsible courses of actions that the world has direly needed.

The satanic global cabal worldwide has been receiving blow after blow from nation upon nation of peoples resisting the extermination of their ways of life as well as their lives. The multitude of people rejecting globalism has never been at a higher scale, the tools in the hands of the common man and woman have never been greater and the overall message never more clear: We Are Taking Our Sovereignty Back! Of course not everyone feels the energies as of late which I…

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US, UK Paid “White Helmets” Help Al Qaeda Blocking Water To 5 Million Syrians

Sick ! Get them out ! Try them internationally for their crimes !
Enough people ! Enough ! They poison us here at home as well . Sick knbunch !

Covert Geopolitics

The blockade of water from Wadi Barada to 5 million people in Damascus is taking an interesting turn. The U.S. and UK financed White Helmet organization seems to be directly involved in it. This increases the suspicion that the illegal blockade of water to civilians in Damascus is part of a organized campaign under U.S. command. The campaign is designed to block utilities to government held areas as revenge for the liberation of east Aleppo.

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Washington is Behind India’s Brutal Demonetization Project

How sickening. We need to take Washington DC back now ! Obama and bro cons , Bushes Clinton’s , need to be tried internationally ! This is unacceptable ,, to say the very least . Americans are sickened by these cabal members !

Covert Geopolitics

In early November, without warning, the Indian government declared the two largest denomination bills invalid, abolishing over 80 percent of circulating cash by value. Amidst all the commotion and outrage this caused, nobody seems to have taken note of the decisive role that Washington played in this. That is surprising, as Washington’s role has been disguised only very superficially.

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U.S. Army Special Operations Command Study: Legal Implications of the Status of Persons in Resistance


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By Joe Hagmann – December 17, 2016

A newly released report by the United States Army Special Operations Command details issues and analysis concerning the legal status of persons in resistance. This document refers broadly to resistance and those involved in it, meaning those individuals comprising the resistance element, US personnel supporting or countering the resistance, and the standing government. In alignment with this focus, the document explores the status of personnel particularly in foreign internal defense (FID), counterinsurgency (COIN), and unconventional warfare (UW) operations. When originally conceived, this manuscript was to be an updated volume of the 1961 American University Special Operations Research Office (SORO) study, The Legal Status of Participants in Unconventional Warfare. The National Security Analysis Department (NSAD) of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) was asked by the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), G-3X Special Programs Division, to review and analyze the historical use of international law, the law of land warfare, and applicable international conventions and update the SORO study accordingly and also include unique legal considerations regarding the status of irregular forces. Because many aspects of both law and policy have changed since the 1961 publication, particularly within the context of US involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, USASOC requested that this manuscript be a new document to account for these changes, highlight key legal questions, and position these questions within the context of hypothetical scenarios and historical examples.

More information here as well as the 200+ page PDF



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The Greater Israel Project/UN Resolution to Stop Israeli Settlement


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Mary Carmel News


Discussion of  “The Greater Israel Project” and UN Resolution to stop Israeli Settlement



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How The Globalists Have Kept Us In A Perpetual State Of War: Must See!


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Mary Carmel | 12.25.2016

As we march toward the New Year, it is most important that we understand how we have been kept on a constant diet of war since the end of WWII. I will be addressing the role that the US has played for the globalists since we asserted our independence at a later date, but this video is pertinent information for those that do not understand the history of the blatant, illegal wars that have been raging across the globe, and how Western governments have manipulated the public into accepting this as a neccesary evil, in the name is Democracy.

The creation of the US Military Industrial Complex was no accident, and the destruction it continues to leave in it’s path must end. This is not about the American people, it is about Washington DC, a “front” for the global elite war machine. In fact they have now waged war upon Americans as well as Europeans et al … In these turbulent times we must address the perpetrators correctly . It is NOT the US people, nor is it the Europeans, nor citizens of NATO countries, as no one has condoned these wars. To the contrary we have protested against them vehemently. In the end, it is the three cities that control all wars past and present… London, Vatican City, and Washington DC.



Trumpenstein ! Who Created Him and Why?


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By Goldcore


Trumpenstein ! Our Creation – Foretold 157 Years Ago

The election of Donald Trump has cast the political elite around the world into a state of shock. His arrival, so soon after the titanic Brexit vote, has profoundly undermined the neo liberal political status-quo that has dominated western economies over the past 30 years.

What was unthinkable has become reality and the future is as uncertain as it has ever been. However, his election was foretold 157 years ago by the English philosopher John Stuart Mill. As such, the conditions and causes that ushered in the Trump era could not have been clearer.

In an echo chamber of neo liberal ideology, the cosy cartel of press and politician alike traded information, scoops and leaks back and forth with ease. They became blinded to growing discontent, the numbers of disconnected and the genuine concerns of a growing mass of minorities within our society.

For decades, their concerns have been largely ignored as globalisation and liberal economic policies reduced their financial security, buffeted their communities and increased the debt burden which they have been forced to take out.

In his book “On Liberty” Mill warned about this effect where a majority within a democratic society can behave tyrannically against the genuine beliefs and concerns of the minority, depriving both sides the right to debate and refute arguments and thus prompting the loss of democratic cohesion.


John Stuart Mill (Wikimedia)

Many highly informed politicians, historians, business people and everyday folk have for decades thought that the circumstances that brought the world to war in the 1930’s could never be repeated. They believed that by building so-called free and inclusive societies, where an individual could associate, speak and choose how to live their life freely and democratically, the conditions would be created where economic progress would be all but assured.

But Mill argued that this is not enough, society must actively support the minority’s right to express all concerns no matter whether the belief is right, wrong or even dangerous.

The reason for Trump’s arrival are numerous, primarily though they are based on deep social undercurrents that have been building for many years and have been hiding in plain sight.

His election is less about the rise of a new way or a new republican political corporatism, where billionaires are suddenly seen as political saviors, but rather it is more to do with high levels of deep anxiety, frustration, isolation and social dissension where swathes of western populations have been politically, economically and socially left behind and/or ignored by globalisation and its neo-liberal cheerleaders, press and politicos alike.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump is an anti-candidate; anti-status quo, anti-elite, anti-liberal. His election is a demand for attention, for debate and for dialogue from those who have been ignored and bypassed. In time his election may well be seen as one of the finest demonstrations of democratic principles the world has ever seen and democracies will hopefully, assuming they survive, be stronger for it.

So how was this election foretold?
Well, please allow me a word about the backstory that is “Globalisation”.

Globalisation has been on a rage since the 1960’s when the first truly transnational corporations spread across the globe seeking integrated, optimised supply chains and access to new prosperous marketplaces, cheaper capital, and of course low cost workers.

These corporations delivered cheaper, faster, better quality goods to more and more markets, disrupting indigenous craft industries, old fashioned and state protected and inefficient industrial complexes.

They played not only regulatory arbitrage but they also played accounting arbitrage, optimised their balance sheets (liability and asset) using transnational tax efficient strategies designed to pay as little tax on their burgeoning profits, providing increased earnings and capital growth to their shareholders and executive teams.

Globalisation, though, was never really understood by the masses. No one explained what would happen to local jobs, services, lifestyles, communities – in short they never bought in.

It was thrust upon societies and at first very much welcomed. Everybody was a winner. Western economies enjoyed new cheaper goods, access to new markets, new higher paid jobs, requirements for new skills and so on. In fact, recent research by MIT shows that the productivity of companies grew at the same pace as the prosperity of workers from the 1960’s right through to 2000.

This is when the relationship stopped. Companies continued to see gains, but workers did not. In fact, their wages stagnated, their debts grew and they had to work harder for the same or less reward. Systemic risk started to build.

The exact same forces are now also guiding Europe towards a potential break up. European communities are neither engaged nor participating. Most Europeans do not know who their MEPs are, never mind what their views are on any issues that they deem pertinent. Sadly, the EU is seen as a monolithic, impenetrable technocratic gravy train for the politically and financially connected.

Domestic governments often reward their supporters with plum jobs in Brussels as a reward for their support domestically. Central banks money printing and largess benefits the already asset rich banks, financial institutions and wealthy elites.

This is where we are today – 16 years on and people are now calling a halt to Globalisation. Importantly not because they know what the exact problem is, but because those who say they know, don’t know. In short, they have called the political elites bluff and they wish to get rid of them all.

We should have known better
It is called “Social Tyranny” and it was prescribed as one of the most dangerous forces effecting liberal democracies by John Stuart Mills in his highly celebrated book “On Liberty”.

Mills was an ardent supporter of liberal democracies, women’s rights and the rights of the individual to hold his/her own opinion freely. In fact, he believed that the individual had the right to be wrong, even if his views were deemed dangerous by the state.

He felt that governments had to not only protect the right to freedom of expression, thought, etc., but also to actively encourage the right of minorities to speak and be heard. Most importantly he believed that the greatest dangers facing a society were not despotic regimes, but the tyranny of the majority.

That is to say that when a society is captured by a majority and its narrow beliefs they tend to ignore the concerns and beliefs of the minority, the underclass, the marginalised. In doing so they force these beliefs underground, where they fester and remain unanswered.

Tyranny of the majority
Majority ruled societies can practice a form of oppression more formidable than many kinds of political oppression.

Why? Because it leaves fewer means of escape, penetrating far more deeply into the very detail of life and thus enslaving the soul itself. When society itself is the tyrant, its means of tyrannising are not restricted to the acts of political operators. Society practices a social tyranny more formidable than many kinds of political oppression.

Social pressures are not always explicit, they can be soft, enduring, breaking the self-down – then people just withdraw. Mill says they are a “social evil” as they effectively reduce our liberty, our freedom to think freely. If a society is to provide a meaningful life for its citizens it must actively discourage such forces and not leave the citizen alone to fend off the tyranny of the mass media and the masses.

But why should a modern society support beliefs of the so-called ignorant, dangerous and recently named “populist”?

In his “Dilemma argument”, Mills was emphatic. Societies may view some beliefs as being wrong, in that case, he counter argues that given time they may be found not to be wrong and when they are wrong, then, via debate, society can refute.

For beliefs that are dangerous then they should be aired and equally refuted and in doing so they will lose their support and die away. Why deny the right of society to argue against beliefs that are dangerous or wrong, if you do so by bullying or beating such beliefs into ideologic submission, you simply force the beliefs underground where they go unanswered and where they fester.

Mills argues for plurality of opinion, that when we debate we learn and we grow as individuals and as societies. When people have varying interests and tastes and beliefs the happiness of society not only increases but it also grows stronger. Diversity is the key to our robustness.

Those rare individuals who go against the grain (some even buy gold!) are the ones who also drag us out of our comfort zones and, through their diversification of beliefs, make societies more financially robust.

To quote Mill:

“He who lets the world choose his plan of life, lives a life of apelike imitation, he who choose a life plan for himself, uses all his faculties”
The election of Trump can be seen as a statement of the minorities who have been ignored and over looked. They live in the “flyover” states. On November 8th 2016 they stood up, on mass, and demanded to be heard. Their values are not solely based on GDP, competitiveness, free movement of goods, open borders, stock market returns and ‘Dow 20,000’.

Rather, they want economic security, fulfilling jobs, stable communities, the right to be wrong, the right to be heard, to be respected and the right to be engaged with as equals.



So what next
The world has changed and democracy has been tested. Our media, who became captured in an echo chamber of neo-liberal rhetoric, are undergoing a painful period of self examination.

I hope, as a society, we will learn from this period and perhaps realign our values to promote the individual and not the corporate, the local community and not the global and most importantly we learn to listen and debate and respect each other, regardless of social status, wealth or belief.


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The System is Cracking


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By Mary Carmel

As global tensions run high, Russians prepare to defend themselves against a NATO nuclear attack, this geopolitical chessboard is changing rapidly. People of Western society have finally questioned the actions of their leaders. The death and destruction waged by these same perpetrators has taken it’s toll over the past hundred years of war.

It has been hard work, as the Independent Media, and authors such as F. William Engdahl, among many others, have helped us sift through reality and propaganda. The controlled, fascist mainstream media of the West is unraveling as conservative right populism spreads like wildfire. Western leaders and the Oligarchs that control them, have desparately labeled ANY news except their CIA/Mossad paid puppet media as “fake news” and they struggle to put out the populist fires. This awakening will change us forever.

People across the globe are now being forced to pick which side of history they will stand on. Awakening is a painful process, but bearing silent witness, or falling victim to their destruction, is the no longer acceptable to much of humanity.

The king makers of the West are now under a microscope with their feet to the fire so to speak. Expect backlash. Things are not going as planned for them, and if history is an accurate gauge at all, they will not hesitate to take as many as they CAN down with them, as their global plan fails before their eyes.

The bittersweet taste of change, perhaps the calm before the storm, the thought of either scenario has people preparing for turbulent but interesting times. Their system is cracking …