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By Mary Carmel

As global tensions run high, Russians prepare to defend themselves against a NATO nuclear attack, this geopolitical chessboard is changing rapidly. People of Western society have finally questioned the actions of their leaders. The death and destruction waged by these same perpetrators has taken it’s toll over the past hundred years of war.

It has been hard work, as the Independent Media, and authors such as F. William Engdahl, among many others, have helped us sift through reality and propaganda. The controlled, fascist mainstream media of the West is unraveling as conservative right populism spreads like wildfire. Western leaders and the Oligarchs that control them, have desparately labeled ANY news except their CIA/Mossad paid puppet media as “fake news” and they struggle to put out the populist fires. This awakening will change us forever.

People across the globe are now being forced to pick which side of history they will stand on. Awakening is a painful process, but bearing silent witness, or falling victim to their destruction, is the no longer acceptable to much of humanity.

The king makers of the West are now under a microscope with their feet to the fire so to speak. Expect backlash. Things are not going as planned for them, and if history is an accurate gauge at all, they will not hesitate to take as many as they CAN down with them, as their global plan fails before their eyes.

The bittersweet taste of change, perhaps the calm before the storm, the thought of either scenario has people preparing for turbulent but interesting times. Their system is cracking …