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Mary Carmel | Nov 22 2016

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” ~ Thomas Jefferson


In the aftermath of the 2016 election, many Americans have fallen into the trap of trusting that the government will solve their problems and that they can just return to some sense of normality. Newsflash: This is a process! The whole idea of taking back our sovereignty along with the control of those in the government that are supposed to be our public servants (not the reverse), requires much more participation than just voting in a new president. We need to be reminded of the stark facts that we face, and abandon the wishful thinking that has taken over our ability to rationalize. Let us get down to work, and stop relying on the same system that cannot truly deliver what we need to restore this republic!

If you are new to the political scene, you might want to start with some history of how this country has slipped from being that shining beacon of freedom, to a body of states being represented by an occupied capitol in DC that wages war, while flying our flag. Not only do they wage war against others globally, but they also carry out this war against us as at home. This I believe is the and hardest part for Americans to grasp. If we indeed want to “drain the swamp” then we can accept nothing short of taking our jurisdiction back, the real Constitution of 1789, or we will most likely be beaten this time for good. Our founding fathers reminded us that without participation we will never be a ‘free’ people, nor do we deserve it! Please see the video below to give you a starting point.



As explained in the video, we now stand at a crucial point in history once again. We can demand nothing less than to break away from the Federal Reserve and return to the banking system as per our Constitution, where Congress regulates and coins our money, or we face a possible world war that the central bankers have been trying to propel us into since 9/11. Debt Slavery no longer works for the people as we know, and this is one of the reasons that most Americans got up and voted for Donald J. Trump. They sense something is wrong, but due to the lack of civics and distorted history in our schools for so many generations, they do not know where and how to seek remedy. Once again they leave it to Washington, hoping for a miracle from the President elect.

I believe, as many Americans do, or WANT to believe, that he will deliver on his promise to “Make America Great Again”. I see world leaders that are changing from the globalist narrative back to nationalism. We see this herein the US, in Russia-under Vladimir Putin, and a wave of it crossing the fascist ruled EU since the success of the Brexit vote. I also believe this Revolution 2.0 MUST be fought, in order to free ourselves once again, but this takes much more than electing a president (in our case another CEO of the corporation called DC since the act of 1871). All of the rioting and the false flag attacks are no accident, it is merely the bankers at work trying to stir things up in hopes that they may divide the country enough to aggravate and incite civil war, the result of an economic collapse that is headed our way, by design, if we continue to let others solve our daily affairs and economy. The level of corruption in DC clearly tells us that they do not, and have not served our interests for a very long time.

President elect Trump risks what presidents Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, JFK, and Reagan endured if he were to act in our interest and return us to the America he speaks of. The one we all dream of, but is this wishful thinking on our part, to think he will really accomplish this huge task alone without being attacked by these central bankers? There is no middle road. We are either that sovereign nation under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or we continue let them carry on the CHARADE that we are. This is fraud, and some of us are working to set it right, despite what they say or do. We continue our silent revolution 2.0 by holding all three branches accountable, along with the bankers and the non elected UN oligarchs that push on with their fascist “one world government agenda.”

America, stop relying on them! Do you always put all of your eggs in one basket? … Please join us at http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org as we work to regain our real jurisdiction. All of this confusion, and the nation’s inability to understand what truly must be done, eats up the clock, as they march us toward a final conflict that we may never recuperate from. In fact, you can BET they would use a thermo nuclear war, rather than to back down and concede to Donald J. Trump or the “we the people.”, the ones they have buzz word for: Right Wing Nationalists! We have work to do, despite what they are brewing in DC or at the UN, even as far as Vatican City & London.

Roll up your sleeves, and join us, along with your new president elect!