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By Mary Carmel News

Listen carefully to what Julian Assange has to say about Hilllary Clinton’s Neo McCarthy like attacks on the GOP, and anyone else that reveals the truth about her. She is playing her followers like a violin. It is HERSELF that is the totalitarian from day one. Her Saul Alinsky playbook in hand ( her mentor ), told us long ago, where her beliefs stem from, and that this is just a preview of her planned attack on the first amendment. Because she has the Elite establishment and press locked in, if she were ever elected, we would immediately be under the control of this dedicated enemy of the Constitution.

Julian Assange said she will be Hitler on Steroids. I knew this several years ago, when I saw what was happening with UN overreach, and I realized that all establishment players were on board . This is nothing but a fascist coup of the US. I called it Nazi Germany on steroids. I think it could be much be worse. In fact we would be looking at what the Russians endured under Bolshevism. All the tell tale signs are there. Though both Germany and Russia, during that same era had to endure totalitarian governments, the German people did not endure the tactics under Hitler that we are seeing unfold by Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and Obama.

Hillary Clinton and her friends are globalists that support the UN agenda. Their plans for humanity include mass depopulation by starvation, and any other means to destroy the West, especially the US, the last stand for free speech out there. We have witnessed the unthinkable just under her campaign. You Tube is now in full censorship mode, as Facebook, Twitter, and the rest have joined in… They are owned and run by the deep state . It is unprecedented that the American people would even let this slip for a second! We saw this coming with the press years ago. They own it. There is no journalism except for the independent media.

Barack Obama made his disdain for the Constitution known, as it restricted him ( score one for the founders ), but Hillary is ten times worse than Obama. She is a natural born killer, she wants war with Russia and Iran! She is a totalitarian of the worst kind. Already, she has pretty much told you by her actions, buying her way out of scandals one by one throughout the years, that she is above the law…. And more Impotantly, the rest of us! She is the first pick as our next president by George Soros, and the globalists. They protect her at any cost. We are in a state of lawlessness because of her and her predecessors, that have set the stage for her, including her husband Bill. No president that ever faced impeachment should be able to even walk within 10 feet of the White House, never mind serve, if she gets elected, in the capacity that he will inherit under this situation.

Julian Assange is correct. The one thing that Hitler and Stalin, the others, had in common, was the complete control of free speech and the media. It just did not exist. Without that my friends, no one, that believes in their country can vote for her. It is as Un-American as it gets. She will be the death of this country, the final nail in the coffin. This is why she has to accuse her opponents of an alliance with her fabricated boogey-man man: Russia.

The UN globalists have made it clear that they are at war with Russia. Because after 100 years, Russia stood up and said no more. They do not believe in the ‘New World Order’, and they are correct. They, as a people have seen what Hillary Clinton wants for us, up close . We know what Eastern Europe endured during those years. It was oppression, death, and destruction, backed by the same people running the geopolitical chessboard today. The fact that ANYONE would willingly sign up for that, is very scary. More than half of Americans, in the primary, voted for socialism. Bernie in fact, has a record of communism that is documented. Young Americans have not seen it up close, so they take it very lightly, not realizing WHERE their freedom really comes from…the ‘REPUBLIC’, not a democracy at all. Through lack of understanding the difference, they are blindly committing political suicide. The other Americans are still influenced by the social experiment called The Democratic Party.

How has this happened? Because the elite bought the press, infiltrated the churches, schools, the family, and entertainment business. One election at a time, they influenced the vote, by keeping people on entitlement income, to tilt the numbers for the left. This created the ‘mob rule’ better known as ‘democracy’ which has never worked throughout history. This is fact. Sooner or later the ones paying the taxes run out of money, and financial collapse commences. It has taken them a few generations of complete social engineering to achieve this. Most of us fell for it, until September 11, 2001, when they dusted off the Patriot Act, and began the last act of this 100 year coup in America. All the years they claimed to be fighting for democracy in other countries, was just their slow, global takeover.

America is now the one on the chopping block, and the people had better get with it. This covert UN takeover of the free world has now been proven, through research, the World Wide Web, and yes… Wikileaks documents. No more can you say that it will never happen here. It HAS. We have a very small window of opportunity to reverse the damage and turn this around. Donald J. Trump means more than you know when he says ‘ this is it’ If we lose this it is gone. We are living in very turbulent times. You owe it to Julian to listen. He risks it all for you.


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