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By Mary Carmel News | 8-29-2016

As The dog days of August come to a close, the heat rages on along in concert with the political climate. Americans are still a bit slower than anticipated at awakening to the ‘mixed war’ being waged upon us by that Jurisiction called Washington, DC . Many activists are trying to stand steadfast for the Republic .

Below is an update on the current situation we find ourselves in, for those that have not had time to sort through the disinfo out there . I cannot stress the importance of the upcoming months. The economy is dipping into unchartered territory , we are all hoping we can avoid falling into a total abyss across the West. Though many countries have made the choice to go forward with global projects and clean up relations that the past few administrations in the US have tainted, the waters are very rough out there . NATO members are seeing low moral, and duly so. Since the truth has been slowly leaked, no one wants to play their war games in the name of giving the elite global power to abuse more people . It was never about democracy . We live and we learn. Perhaps why, under the US Constitution, it was very clear that we were not supposed to get entangled in such devious endeavors.

This is the root of the problem that many Americans, and others around the world are starting to see more clearly we hope. The people of the 50 United States, are operating as usual, under the guaranteed republican form of government with their inherent rights, under the de Jure Constitution  (even under international law in some cases), while a foreign jurisdictional de facto government in DC continues the charade as our legitimate representation . They are not. They have not been legitimate since  the civil war under President Lincoln .

If you need an example , look to Italy, and you can clearly see that Vatican City is not the representative of the Italian people . They have a separate jurisdiction, and even their own armed forces. This in fact is exactly the case in the US. You must understand that these people removed our constitution, without our consent, and built their own military industrial complex in order to serve as the militarized arm of the three cities that ruled the world. We did not generally have standing armies under the de Jure republic, just the the militia, which was comprised of the people in each state , hence the second amendment . Please remember this when the de facto president and / or representatives broadcast their plans for more gun control on the fake news outlets. We have the second amendment in order to survive times exactly like these.

We have a tyrannical occupational force across 10 square miles of DC that is trying to dictate who we are, as a country and a people. They are imposters and so is the corporate DC charter they operate under. I believe it is now a UN run establishment to make things worse.  Thank you to the United Nations perpetual war machine, but no thanks, we object. We do not recognize your unconstitutional treaties anymore, nor are they valid as you break the rules of your own charter.

We are seeing a level of war against humanity that we have never witnessed before. All of it is illegal of course, under our law, and international law. It is up to the people , while you still have a voice to object . If they tamper with our elections as usual , you are looking at the the totalitarian UN takeover of the 50 states, to put it simply. They have slowly been attacking us through various methods over the years, and when we found out that they were directly assaulting us, as well as the planet itself, they predicted that we might fight back, so they have been importing foreign armies under the banner of the UN peacekeeping machine to wage physical war. The last I checked, the record for human rights under UN peacekeeping troops was not good at all. In fact they are proven executioners, and our country is crawling with them.

  • I have been spreading the petition launched by American Policy Center , in favor of H.R.1205, to leave the UN altogether. This petition is needed in order for us to have the referendum to leave …  We can call it the AMEXIT . Many Americans that are aware of this foreign attempted coup, are signing it . Please join in and send it to your friends and family members everywhere.

Hopefully, after the step we take to leave the UN, we can get their troops ready, to make their departure, and leave our sovereign country. We do not need them here. We have organized militias, join one, it is your job, your duty. Contact your local one, or perhaps the Oathkeepers organization nearest you. We love our military troops, in their defense over the years, they have sacrificed everything thinking they serve to protect us, never dreaming that they would be asked to act in a manner, directly against us here at home, as well as against the citizens of other countries. It is ultimately up to them to decide which side they are on when the SHTF, cause they have families too. This goes for everyone, law enforcement agencies, sheriffs, FBI, etc. No one signed up to serve in a rogue government against the people. Now they all face a very hard decision. And a dangerous one. So many of these people that have sacrificed for us over the years, have slowly been pulled into the DC war machine without even knowing it. Record numbers of our military have been purged by Obama, and more are voluntarily leaving now. There will be no pension, when the banks pull the plug on this balancing act . The gig us up. The members of the military have been used, abused, and abandoned. We owe them so much respect for what they have to endure in these conflicts along the way, law enforcement as well, daily.

This is no longer a free country according to the occupiers, that is where the divide is.  Stand with the Republic that we have maintained since our forefathers, or hand your belongings and property over to the UN and the banks when the green light is given very soon. The UN has an agenda to depopulate us by 90% globally. This is fact. Go to UN.org and read Agenda 2030. They also make a claim that we must pay for global warming to ‘save the planet’. Do not confuse pollution with global warming. ( Global warming is the scam they want to use to take your property, they are already doing it out west to ranchers as you can clearly see, and innocent patriots have been jailed without due process  ). The banks are broke, so they want to tax you if you light a campfire, control your ‘smartmeter’, while they continue to bomb countries, spray our skies with toxic materials, and dangerous toxins to combat their patented viruses such as Zika ( it is the chemical spraying that causes the health issues, not the virus, this is direct abuse via biological, and chemical warfare This is not global warming ). China is polluting the atmosphere as people wear masks to get through the smog, and they are getting a free pass. we are not responsible for the whole mess as people. Though the American people have shown a great interest in helping with the clean up, we will not be taxed off of the planet for some fictional cause in which the global elite ‘cooked’ up to gain totalitarian control of every movement we make. Newsflash: China is making hefty profits and are rebuilding, while our leaders are letting our infrastructure and industry fall into oblivion, and yes…. the ice caps are still there.

We have been here before, when the Western bankers of the illegal Federal Reserve system spend all the money, at a hefty profit to them ( look at the roughly 20 trillion dollar defecit approaching),  then they generally go to war because war is profitable.  In the past they killed 70,000,000 Russian people , took down the entire infrastructure of Germany, with the innocent people inside of it … You catch my drift. As cold as it is, this the pattern. It is more than cold, these are crimes against humanity at the highest level. As they ride across the Middle East and Africa now, for quite a while, pillaging resources, and killing innocent people with their new mercenaries called ISIS, they dare to threaten Russia, China, and have ruined an array of South American countries clinging to the ridiculous idea of a ‘one world government’. No one was asked if they wanted this, that is the kicker! …This is their final act, but many people will suffer monetary loss, perhaps even pay with their lives when their house of cards collapses soon. And it will.

So there you have it, and I really speak to Americans the most here. You are living in an electronic prison, and those wars that seemed far away 75 years ago, are traveling faster than the speed of light toward our homeland. We have been infiltrated and are facing assymetrical warfare from within now. George Soros and his ‘open society’, no borders dream of an elite oligarchy ruling over what is left of humanity, after they destroy countries one by one, in every possible fashion from geoengineered disasters such as Fukushima, to GMO infested food, to Vaccine warfare, and just plain subversion of our sovereign rights must be stopped. You are the only ones that can stop it. No one is going to do this for you. No matter how hard you try to shut it off , I am sorry to say that your ‘rights’ are really another word for responsibilities. I really wish we could just weather out another bump in the road for our country, but we passed that marker years ago, you will be forced to wake up, so I suggest that you do it now. Do not wait til foreign troops are separating you from your family and using food as a tool to control you like Stalin did.

Whether we make it to the election, to stop their chosen one, Hillary Clinton from coming in here with a wrecking ball, finishing us off, I do not know. I DO know they will stop Donald Trump at any cost, If they can. They have many weapons at their disposal from false flags to EMP and staged terrorist attacks, as we have many sleeper cells across the US. D J Trump does not believe in their globalist scheme and would like to close our borders to restore some well needed law and order. Stock up for an emergency to say the least. Nations are instructing people to do this, even Obama has alerted the public to stock up, and has eluded to weather disasters, EMP attacks. He knows something that we do not obviously, as our military has thwarted his attempt to attack us before. Russia and China are on alert as he tries to use NATO to provoke WWIII. This is as serious as it gets!!!

We have set up committees of safety across the country, by county, please join. COS are not just for emergencies. When everything starts to fall, and it will fast, you need a local community outreach, a local support system, and law & order. Know your rights, and exercise them while you still have them..  But do not lose sight of what is attached to those rights (responsibility). In our Republic, it is your job, not the government’s job to act. Self government requires participation. If you snooze, you lose, while the leftist machine forges ahead with their goal to make us a third world country. Under any unconstitutional statute, it is your duty to disobey it. President Obama and Hillary Clinton will talk of Democracy. We were never a Democracy , we do not live under mob rule. They are trying to force it upon us by flooding the borders until we implode. If you think no borders means freedom, you need a lesson in civics, as well as history. Take them. They are free… at: http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org  – join our Monday night meetings, join a committee of safety, please see attached links below to get involved . Sign the petition for the referendum to leave the UN . I also run the daily news and these petitions at my page: http://www.facebook.com/marycarmelnews

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