By Mary Carmel | 8-16-2016

Dear readers, I have decided that in order to prioritize, as many people are on the run these days, I will try to leave a number of articles each week, that I feel are must have information for activists on the fly.

First things first, I am involved with setting up committees of safety across the country, with other patriots, at the State and County level. If you are not on board and your community does not have a committee of safety, think seriously about forming one in your county. Our forefathers used committees of safety for everything from keeping informed with local politics, and getting involved to address their grievances… to preparing for any upcoming unrest, emergencies, and need for communication on a vast scale. This took just a few people from each state , county, town, to make sure they were being represented properly, and it ultimately grew into forming the very organized, well run Republic which we all know of. Paul Revere knew when to make that ride, warning us of the British because he was on the COS.

We are living in a time where The US has come to a crossroads, and other than prepping on an individual level, be darn sure you have your local government on board, or replace them. Yes, you still have a voice, and the right to do this through the wonderful blueprint that they left us. Please see the link to my article for distribution, explaining how to get involved below.

Paul Craig Roberts, a favorite of mine, has written an article called “Rethinking the Cold War”, addressing the state of things, giving us his valued opinion on the geopolitical front, as well as the dangerous game that NATO insists upon playing . We are on the brink of a war here, so stay alert! Read below:

i have also been working in conjunction with American Policy Center, as they are on the front lines of addressing UN Agenda 21 (now 2030). Tom DeWeese, through his webinars, and trucking around the country to keep the UN out , has been a pioneer and I must say, quite successful with many towns, states, counties, at addressing this completely unacceptable agenda, that is being forced down our throats by a non elected group of oligarchs up there at the UN building. It has permeated every aspect of our lives, and only gets worse. Whether it be your concern for property rights, human rights, smart meters, and the food we eat, all of the global overreach is about this agenda. No one wants it , and it is an outrageous overreach affecting our sovereign country. American Policy Center decided to go after the head of the snake, and yes, we CAN leave the UN if enough Americans are sick of it enough to take action. H.R. Bill 1205, in the house now, addresses our exit from the UN. AMP has a petition to sign so that Americans may have a referendum vote, pushing this all the way home. We call it AMEXIT! We have tens of thousands signing, but please add your signature, and keep sharing it daily. See their website at link below, the article and petition for referendum is on the front page:

We can get the US out of the UN!

If you missed John B. Whitehead ‘s article from the Rutherford Institute, please catch up. Americans are letting this country spiral out of control , we must stop them now. There is no more putting it off til tomorrow. Please read below:

Another interesting account of the developments geopolitically, as the cabal running DC has completely spiraled out of control, can be found in the article: “Economic And Demoghraphic Data Make It Clear It Is Game Over For The Khazarian Mafia”. Every few generations we seem to have experienced a shift in global power, when one empire or another is attacked by the global elite on a large scale. America has the patients running the nut ward so to speak, for too long, and what we are seeing is that the rest of the world is tired of the foreign entity called Washington DC creating death and destruction. I am afraid that this time we are going to have front row seats if war breaks out. We are used to seeing it elsewhere, and I think that Americans just cannot grasp the fact that we will be invaded, by our own corrupt politicians and/or by the countries around the world that will have to put and end to the war machine if we do not get it together here .

All eyes are on the election, as Donald Trump is the only one that has a chance to beat the elitist puppet Hillary Clinton, if  we make it to the election. George Soros and his Black Lives Matter socially engineered hired help are starting to burn cities down, murder police, and Obama works with him to keep the borders wide open, illegals pouring in. This is a must read, as it seems that the illegitemate government in DC that has been doing the dirty work for the likes of Soros and the globalists, since the end of our civil war, is realizing that their reign is coming to an end. We must unseat them, lose the UN (their war room), before all hell breaks loose here, as it has in Europe.

Their plans for us are NOT good, but this newsletter is an urgent call to activism, and Americans must decide if they want their republic back or if they are going to let the troublemakers represent them as they push us to a world war we cannot recover from. Please see article here:

Economic and demographic data make it clear it is game over for the Khazarian mafia


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