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Committees Of Safety Notification And Call To Action!

The current atmosphere across the US, due to many factors such as pending financial collapse, weather emergencies, attacks on our borders, and civil unrest due to riots, and the presence of UN troops, have led us across the country to build Committees of Safety, as our forefathers had done prior to 1776. They did this to ensure the safety of the people in each community, and keep them organized as well as informed.

Please see http://nationallibertyalliance.org/COS, and committee.org to see the call to action by John Hancock on front page. Robert is a National Coordinator for NLA, and in charge of Committees of Safety.

Also feel free to join in on Monday night national weekly call at: http://nationallibertyalliance.org – weekly call tab located on top right of page.

Visit committee.org , for Robert set up the separate site for direct interaction and to answer any questions you may have on a one to one basis .


*We are calling for leaders in each county across the nation to form committees consisting of a county leader, and 4 volunteers as follows:




Correspondent for Communication

*This can be built in each town as well, to address local priorities.


You have a voice! Use it! If your local elected officials are not representing your needs, the COS is the way to address them and or replace them if needed, through your vote as a community.

People across the country, at the state, county, and even town level, should be volunteering to meet and discuss their needs on a local level, to prepare for any upcoming events  that we may encounter. This is to ensure that we have a sense of law and order as well as cooperation among communities that might be needed in the interim of reliable government leadership.

See list below for things to consider in an emergency:


Clean drinking water

Sanitation supplies

Hamm radio communications

Open dialogue with local Sheriff

Any other issues your community wants to address.


This is where you start America! Please see: http://nationallibertyalliance.org/COScommittee.org to volunteer and see FAQs about the COS that you might have. Feel free to call the county coordinator of your COUNTY, for information, by STATE in the COS directory.



General discussion on national WEEKLY call tab, as well as separate Thursday night COS only meetings at COS above tab.



Tuesday night call in @ 6:00p.m. pacific time Call in: 712-775-7035 access code: 791140 Playback: 712-775-7039 Access: 791140



All calls are archived at both sites, to assure that you can listen if you have missed one.


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