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Introduction by Mary Carmel

The Muslim Brotherhood, considered the ‘modern’ organization to radicalize Islam started in the 1920s.

As of today, the one goal of this group is to establish Sharia Law… globally. They feel that only once they achieve this goal, can their be peace . Anyone opposing them, is either eliminated , covertly attacked from within the host country until it submits, or imposing their own tax upon non believers.

It is past the time to rise to action. Please write to your senators , reps, and others. Make them aware that the people of the United States, see the treason within this government at the highest level. Warn them that it will no longer be tolerated. Vote them out in November !  FYI: Hillary Clinton’s top donors are from Islamic groups. In no way, can she be trusted, never mind elected!


If we wait any longer, it will be catastrophic.

Please see article below , about the Holy Land Foundation and their apparent victory in the courts to carry on with this infiltration. Or perhaps the courts, like our other branches of Government are just complicit. The facts establish that this is the truth. The question is whether Americans want to fight back or leave the future of their children in the hands of Islam. The meaning of the word Islam is ‘submission’ .

Ask yourself if we are going to go from being the leader of the free world, back 1,400 years to a brutal culture that has been pressed upon us by treasonous leadership , tyrannical usurpers in Washington. This is insanity, cultural suicide, and it is happening whether you like it or not, despite the claims of the Democratic Party that Islam is the religion of peace. This is the same party that brought you the treasonous Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the KKK, Agenda 21 andNAFTA under Bill Clinton, then finally, the TPP, NDAA, and Obamacare!!! What will it take to make Americans take responsibility for their country?

Hillary Clinton can NEVER be elected.

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