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By Mary Carmel


Globalism was exposed to the world in neon colors during the 2016 US election year and the world seems to be following the fashion trend. I must give credit to those across the pond in the U.K. for their Brexit as well! We still have a lot of work to do,  but the paradigm shift was well needed.

Donald J. Trump invited Ted Cruz to speak at the Republican National Convention, to celebrate the unity of the party, and to join him in their fight against Hillary Clinton, but Ted just could not step up to the plate. He rudely failed to endorse Trump, and got booed off the stage, as his wife scurried for the exit signs. Bush establishment types like him and Paul Ryan just cannot accept defeat. Humanity clearly had endured enough, this was evident. The nationalism of red, white, and blue seems to be the new black, but with the harsh awakening of what our republic really means to us in the eleventh hour, with the possibility of losing it all.

What the press failed to understand about the “non establishment” Presidential Republican Nominee Donald J. Trump, seemed to be a lot… still, as they have stumbled through his campaign only to be outwitted repeatedly. The more they attack him, Americans take each blow personally, and the stronger his long awaited anti globalist populism spreads into the hearts and minds of others world wide.

This is a fight against these “globalists” that have tried to “fundamentally change America.”
From GHW Bush’s talk of a NWO, to Bill Clinton’s crime wave, GW Bush’s illegitimate wars, the unconstitutional Patriot Act, Barack Obama’s staged shootings to appease the UN’s NDAA (an assault on the Second Amendment), the open borders -NAFTA policies that have hurt and endangered the lives of Americans, and finally Hillary Clinton the wrecking ball. the chosen one by the elite to finish us off … people simply have had enough, everywhere!

It was a matter of choice for Ted Cruz, to graciously endorse the nominee as promised, or to prove to the world that he really is a stooge for the “cabal” that has been running the globalist agenda… AND America into the ground with it. Donald J.Trump merely gave him a platform, a rope so to speak, and Ted Cruz chose to hang himself with the opportunity. Finally, many mislead Cruz voters, along with press and the rest of the world, now know the true meaning and origin of the term ‘Lyin Ted’. Ted is far from alone as we have seen in one scandal after another, the press complicit, and our De facto government is finally unable to carry on the charade any longer.

Just as the EU woke up in a fascist state, the US could see it coming, though some are still slow to awaken, Trump created a movement that has shaken them to the core, while simultaneously providing a light in the darkness with a brighter vision for what lays ahead. Many Americans had forgotten what it felt like to have someone advocate for them, to care. It had brought us together in the silent revolution taking place, and it felt great, despite being attacked by paid rioters, trolls, and the press !

It is my observation, that through these last few years of confusion and change, many of us wanted to blame one person or one event for the globalist elite’s attack on humanity, and the attempted destruction of the US. As I dug deeper, and chased history into the rabbit hole of deception, I realized it was many events over many years, and many people in this group of ‘globalists that are responsible. Ted Cruz is one of the many and could not have announced it louder than he did that night on a world stage. The reaction was a clear dismissal of global policy by the people of this country.

Say ain’t so… was the stance we all took on the road to our awakening, to the fact that so many people could be bought and sold to commit treasonous acts against our homeland. We wanted to think it was just one thing that went wrong, or one person that sold us out. In the end we have unraveled a tightly woven  lplan that is very severe toward humanity, not just America. It is a vast potpourri of puppet masters, that have outgrown the soil that they once prospered from.

It has taken Donald J. Trump, a man with enough courage to stir the pot up, and start a movement across the world, by simply saying NO to these people.
He proven to be adaptable and has stamina that leaves us breathless.

Those that live in fear of their government will continue to be tyrannized by them, and be booed off the stage in the future. For those of us that refuse to fear a lawless and oppressive regime, the sky is the limit, and America still stands as a beacon of Freedom. There is a lot of hope, and it’s “HUGE”!!! MC

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