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Contributing writer Dustin Bond

It is the time of the great engagement and pushback is the necessary and required course of action. It is because we are all unique individuals that we must resist the corralling with near radical like, in your face free range individuality. Engage on any front or fronts you the individual reader consider most important, most vital and where you think you can highly excel in participation. There are countless areas where your individuality is being not just demolished but abolished as well and the empowered individual can be likened to a holy water doused garlic covered silver cross stake, in other words, YOU are a powerful and mighty WEAPON and by default at that. Taking in the understanding of the power and importance of you the individual, what will you do to be the best weapon you can be against the enemies of individuality?



Image credits: http://www.natcom.org

It isn’t so much going to matter in what ways you express yourself in ideas and actions but THAT you do which can be the same thing as wielding a powerful sword that will annihilate collectivism and many other nefarious control, domination and dis empowerment techniques. A large part of the problem we face is that many people may not see themselves and their seemingly normal activities, ideas likes and actions as powerful, but what must be quickly understood is that if you weren’t as powerful as you are then no organized collectivism would be trying as hard as it is to subdue and dis empower the individual. The normal average everyday you is nothing short of absolute rays of sunshine at high noon, a built in defense system arsenal, if you understand that that’s just the base of your natural abilities. So take what is yours whatever it may be and hold yourselves up high and mighty as you naturally should be doing anyway.