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Contributing writer Dustin Bond

The year is 2016, the atmosphere is deployed division by design and the reactions of many people are that of going along with the division with the help of the pre existing disdain and overall general anger from the countless wrongs we encounter in the world on a daily basis. The elite controllers of the planet have been for a very long time setting the perfect conditions for people to easily take to the divisions that the average person thinks is their own, not understanding that this is what is being wanted by some highly malevolent beings hellbent on pretty much anything other than any kind of a unifying anything. People being fed up with the atrocities we see and experience is of course a very good and warranted thing, but none of us can allow it to be steered in a direction or to a place that will just lead to more devastation, which is of course the agenda of our controllers.

We have to come to a place of understanding that in both small and large ways, we have so much more in common than not, with the truth of it all being that every time we don’t at least try to work together against division we are absolutely wasting our time and giving the dividers exactly what they want. We can fix this, but we have to really want it and really work hard for it. People are going to be different with their different views, understandings outlooks a whole slew of differences with the elephant in the room being the things we have in common that aren’t being acknowledged, worked on or strengthened.


Most people want to do good for themselves and the more intelligent people want good for others as this all around helps everyone in domino effect. Seeking out the people that are involved in collaborative working together activities, workshops and other constructive actions/ideas and helping by sharing their actions and ideas on social networks and getting involved yourselves in any way you can could go really far and do a lot of good. Communication and lots of it is what the people need right now and lately we see “agitators” that are making that more difficult. These agitators are trying to set into motion the conditions that don’t allow dialogue and in dealing with them, probably the best course of action would be: Don’t feed the trolls like the different hate groups and the majority of black lives matter for example.

There are many obstacles to overcome, and this race or battle whatever you want to call it that we are engaged in isn’t going to be won in a day, a week month or maybe even 10 years. It could take many many years and that’s the point, our enemies in this for the long haul fear that we might just be in it for the longer haul, and we most certainly should be if we aren’t already.