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Contributing writer Dustin Bond

Poetic Write with poetic might, set things right and bring to light, the human plight and the fight of life through strife. With so much out of balance we stumble astray and in our dazed confusion we search for ways for better days, looking all ways and always. Poetic write seeking higher might to match the darkness of this terribly long night wrought in shadows coming not from blocking light but a new form of lightless dark that was brought from lack of insight. A match, or torch or panel to rip open and allow things to be lit up, we are still strengthened by Love even when alone and split up we still sit up stand and seek something above this great and vast lack. In it for the longer haul as we dance and stumble through the halls of answers waiting to be discovered, mysteries uncovered, lies brought to truth in pure desperation of peace with no hesitation to bring to pieces the chains and cages keeping all of us from fantastical changes. I will find a match and when I do I’ll strike it, not knowing what will happen and I just might like it, to end the darkness this unnatural shadow has made, and perhaps a new course for the end of discourse in coordinates can be layed.