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11374066_1497029287256995_1244540907_n Written By Dustin Bond Editor MC News

It would be proper to start this out with a general understanding of our situation and there is a video that comes to mind:


Mr. Newscaster, I am thoroughly mad as hell is what many can relate to, and in our not taking it anymore is where the vampirical parasites snuck in controlled opposition on our kind. I see fellow human beings on board with the urge to come out from under tyrannical oppression and serfdom as has too long been the norm and in which they are rightfully tired of and willing to fight tooth and nail against like many Liberty Loving sovereign aiming beings are also striving towards. This will not be an attack on a Bernie Sanders or even socialism for that matter but it will be an attack make no mistake. On every dividing factor in a situation that requires more than we alone may be capable of providing: Divine unity.

Touching base with the enemy is how a lot of developed beings will read these words from their mortal stances and I say to all sides and factions, do be careful as your existence is important and worthy of continuity because we may never know when or if we could use the assistance of one another. Together we can prison break the resident evil.

Cannibal-vampire-eats-and-drinks-daughters-blood_wazaap As the above picture represents, some of the readers of many words will retain hatred no matter what is or isn’t done and they are taken, they can and will bite in blindness at bridges of developed minds coming together for the betterment of all. Let the uncomfortable now be addressed… Bernie Sanders is offering Valhalla to new minds, new minds that are in debt in attempts to escape debt that republicans ridicule and call lazy just as quick as they’ll call cannabis lovers like me evil or of the like. This tiny likeness pointed out, to the meat and potatoes we now go: Cannibal economics that require taxation for equality is a form a serfdom in that one appeals to a force that can be compared to unrestrained fire: Governement. Govern=Control Ment=Mental/Mind Government=Mind Control.

That is the playing field on which many wish to toss the ball to “gain yards”…. I should hope that I am not the only player that will not accept that field to fight for inches because there is better and on better fields of green that do exist can and eventually will we strive for inches that can “win” yards. The path of the socialist in this day in age is a path of cannibalism that kills a Cecil the lion antelope killer….instead of the “Joe lion cager” as just a primitive example of the situation at hand. Such animosity is encouraged to be aimed at the individual and there is good and empowered reason for this: Division. The division is cast forth in the form of a bottled rage of jealousy towards the “privileged” but one must now both come to the conclusion of and understand that this form of success in the confines and cage of serfdom can only be achieved in hard fought for equations as serfdom is imposed and anything beyond that is in the eyes of the controllers, a crime against humanity.

To come out from under tyrannical oppression is a proper battlecry that we MUST and can perfect if the maniacal is removed from the equation.

hannibal-mask Will the maniacal reign as has been the case for far too long in our aspirations to relieve ourselves and others from the cage that does not cease to be? Will we eat at the substance of the only shot our kind has left by taxing them for their efforts to maintain business, or will we see the taxation enemy prevail? Will we see the free range profiteers posing as governments and representatives appeal to us in their desperation succeed in getting us to defeat ourselves through socialistic satanic subjugation of human “life” growth via taxation to the highjacked “government”?

When shit outlets like salon and of the like try to label the free association minds and emotions attempts to come together for the common good and upbringing of the all attack our efforts be it mine or that of a left leaning reaching out to the right….we will stumble on untied shoe laces as the dark forces hope or…..will contact be made among our kinds? ARE OUR PENS MIGHTIER THAN SWORDS? I greatly hope so. We can understand that together we can take on the 0.00000046%. Together we do indeed stand a fighting chance with no guarantees but a chance all the same. Light at the end of the tunnel is better than light bulbs in a cage any day.

Light bulbs in a cage promising light that breaks and leaves but darkness once its influence is exhausted and tears of hopelessness will remain like a free energy endeavor. Let us lead the future WITH our differences here and there…not war with each other because of them. With our differences we can and will unite the puzzle pieces that we all need for this common struggle, and in this common struggle may we learn, grow adapt and persevere from with and for our differences and likenesses. There is nothing beneath us, there is only our ability to expand. With great, lasting and immortal respect to Anonymous as: We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, United As One, Divided By Zero….. It Is Too Late To Expect Us. Viva La Resistance!