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How can so few at the top exercise so much power and injustice over so many? The blind obedience of the “order followers”, this is the mechanism by which total tyranny has taken control. The brief moving statement below and the powerful short videos following it, are from a father and devoted activist. His message is extremely important and completely on target. My most sincere gratitude to Sezer Behlul for his very valuable contribution to the fight for the greater good.
Dane Wigington

To The “Order Followers”

By Sezer Behlul

What would you do if your sanctuary was being systematically decimated? How would you feel if your children were robbed of their  childhood and their opportunity for a future?

It may seem that all hope is lost when one observes the state of our world. However, that being said, no large scale tyranny would manifest if there were no people to carry out tasks that are ordered by a corrupted system structured by a few for their personal agendas. All that it would take for this fragile establishment to collapse, would be the decision of order followers to exercise their moral obligation.This, however, requires dedication on our behalf to break the programming that has been cast upon us. We must take action in ways where compassion and courage are stimulated amongst fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters.

I am a father, a husband, and a human being, just like anyone else. I didn’t want to carry the load of the world on my shoulders, but I have a moral obligation and I will exercise it for the sake of all the living that are now in jeopardy. We must abandon adherence to such notions like nihilism or defeatism that a lot of us have been indoctrinated into believing. We must not underestimate our potential to do good. We must give all that we’ve got to raise the alarm on this critical issue of climate engineering.

I hope these clips serve their purpose as a vehicle to help carry the vital message of human unity across the world to all “order followers” participating in the violation of justice.

Sezer B.

The 15 minute message below from Sezer is powerful, moving, and compelling. the kind of message that can and should be used as a tool to wake others. 


This next exceptional 3 minute video by Sezer Behlul further expands on the global geoengineering assault against planet Earth. 



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