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Kit Daniels | Infowars.com – FEBRUARY 2, 2016



Hillary Clinton has allegedly beaten Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Democratic Caucus by only 2/10th of a percent, 49.8% to 49.6%, with all precincts reporting, according to the state party.

In six Democratic counties, the winner was decided by a coin flip, and in each instance the coin toss was reportedly won by Clinton over Sanders, a probability of only 1 in 64 or 1.56%.

Even with Clinton being awarded the victory, however, the fact she didn’t dominate the caucus leaves the Democratic establishment nervous and raises questions whether she is still a sellable candidate.

Interestingly, Sanders won Des Moines precinct No. 42 by two delegates, yet voters could not find anyone at party headquarters on Tuesday morning to disclose their tally.

“It’s important considering how close the race is,” Sanders supporter Jill Joseph said. “We need to be sure everyone has our accurate count.”

The evidence of fraud in both party caucuses is overwhelming.



For one thing, it’s a conflict of interest for Microsoft, a top Marco Rubio donor, to count the caucus votes.

It was certainly strange how prior to the caucus, Marco Rubio was polling at a distant third, yet the caucus results show Rubio barely behind Trump.

But ultimately, the Iowa GOP results don’t matter as much as the mainstream media claims because the Iowa caucus was restricted to registered Republicans who toe the party line, whereas Trump has unprecedented support from independents and even many Democrats.

“The Democrat establishment knows a lot of registered Democrats favor Trump,” Kurt Nimmo wrote. “According to The Upshot by Civis Analytics, a Democratic data firm, Democrats in the South, Appalachia and the industrial North support Trump.”

“In early January Mercury Analytics, a research company with clients that include MSNBC and Fox News, conducted an online poll, and it revealed a full 20% of Democrats said they would go against the party line and vote for Trump in a general election.”

“Independents are a large factor as well.”

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