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Author: Auke Schade

Editor Dustin Bond MC News

Excerpt from the free to download eBook:

This is the operating manual for your mind that you should have received at birth.  Nemonik thinking is a smarter way of thinking that aims to maximize your success by evaluating 17 nemoniks, which are memorized keywords describing all the perceived aspects of your mind, reality, and their interaction.  Success is obtaining what you seek and escaping what you suffer.  To maximize your success, nemonik thinking mobilizes your hidden genius, accelerates your thinking, improves your memory, reveals opportunities and threats, creates questions and ideas, and reduces your stress levels.  It is like playing a musical keyboard with 17 keys producing an infinite repertoire of smart strategies.  Nemonik thinking is unique because it is the first comprehensive and transferable way of thinking.  Comparisons with Sir Richard Branson’s way of thinking show that nemonik thinking is practical.  Ineffective ways of thinking are time consuming.  Hence, the less time you have, the greater the necessity for you to study this manual.  You might be the best thinker in the world, but only nemonik thinking could make you the smartest thinker you can be.  Think smarter with nemonik thinking.  All it takes is 17 words!



Follow this link to be the best thinker you can be: Nemonic Thinking