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Written By: Dustin Bond Editor MC News

As our world is shifting towards knowable and known truths because of the rise of New Media, the collaborators and ongoing evildoers are having to ramp up their game to push global agendas through as they are behind schedule. These agendas will be uncloaking soon to have treason out in the open to be accepted to fully implement the actions of nothing short of treason. From silencing free speech to the removal of flags. statues, and apparently now keeping people from entering other countries, the threat is very real and now more apparent than possibly ever before. And it would appear as if there is a threat to this threat, and that threats name is Donald Trump, which many people find popular to jump on the bashing of him bandwagon.


The imperfect guy is no saint, of that everyone can agree as none of us readers or writers are, but just as true, is that he is too well off to be bought off, and too outspoken against taboo political correctness to be manageable like all of the other so called “leaders” and contenders to be leaders this country has seen, especially of late. Is Trump Knight Material? He is certainly playing the role quite well so far as he upsets the entire left/right establishment diseased psycho cannibal reptile. But in truth, all that can be known now is what we the people can discern from the stuff we are allowed to have access to knowing. And we know establishment cronyism is terribly upset by the actions and even the words of this guy. Is the above pic over the top? Probably, but is our level of ever increasing tyranny over the top? Yes it most certainly is, and in great and desperate need to be dealt with once and for all. I don’t think a single person like Trump can achieve the seemingly impossible, I know that the words he uses can stir up us, the New Media, to make that a reality though.

The following video with Alex Jones and Pastor James David Manning of atlah.org has some pretty hardcore forbidden truth contained, and viewer discretion is advised as it has the power to annihilate the  “duress like” apathy that has been conditioned into us.


This Writer would like to wish all of the readers and viewers a safe and Happy New Year! MC News