By Mary Carmel

As the new year begins, we need to look ahead. We have looked back these past years searching for answers as to how our world has become so unraveled. Yes, we have a very evil power structure that has made us victims of a social engineering experiment in order to achieve the goals of it’s agenda. It is time to take what we have learned, and to put it to use. We need solidarity at the highest level to achieve this. We are living in turbulent times, but we need to make the future for mankind more stable and we cannot let ourselves fall through the cracks of this period in time, or our freedom as a whole will be lost.

This is not an easy task many will say, and it is the truth. It is not about doing what is easy, it is about doing what is right. We need to start with ourselves on a daily level, and accept that we are human, we make mistakes. Do not validate the powers that be, by giving them your light and energy. We also need to love ourselves enough, and love this planet to the extent that we cannot conceive of the idea of letting it go. Many people felt the overwhelming changes in 2015, and it was certainly tough to handle, devastation worldwide and here at home. There will be more in 2016.

It is now the time to make the decision of whether you will fight for the future of humanity or sit on the sidelines and let it all go by. I can make a list of does and don’ts for the new year, but it would be futile, for most of the people reading this, have evolved enough to know that the learning process is a personal journey .

We need to spare ourselves from letting our hearts and our souls fall prey to the scheduled narrative that is headed this way. Turn the narrative off! We can see clearly that there is no future in it for us. There is no need to waste our time involved in an overwhelmed amount of toxic information that is of no value to us anymore. We need solutions. It would be better spent taking a leap of faith, and being part of the leadership we need now, more than ever. It is OK to learn as you go, this is HOW you learn. Be forgiving to yourself, and to others that are waking up to this shift, but be relentless in your principles, and hold onto them tightly.

Live with conviction, dedicate yourself to progress, even if it takes one small step at a time to realize that every victory is notable, no matter the size. If we combine our efforts this year, we can take these small but significant battles won, and in concert, they can be strong enough to win the war, over time, resulting in a symphony that will prevail. How enormous the sound can be in unison, and a glorious one at that.

May the spirit of the holidays live within you everyday, we do not need to wait 365 days to feel it again. Let everyday be as rich as the ones you have spent celebrating the wonder of the this time. Though we celebrate it every year with protocol, to remind us of who we are, and why we are here, may it echo inside of us continuously. Happy New Year!!! MC