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The United States military is serving the Anglo-Roman-Khazarian Empire as its potent force in controlling other nation-states around the globe, in parallel with paramilitary groups, private mercenaries and terrorist organizations.

The whole enterprise fabricates its own conflict through false flags in one hand, while another arm offers resolution to the same conflict in a manner than can be considered as outright extortion. This common mafia tactic that is backed up by a fully armed military component is the root cause of the present conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere

There are only few truly free countries today and those countries are being treated as outcasts. Foreign regressive interventions are as clear as day.

The world is looking up to the Americans to stand up against the evil forces in control of their government, and all those that are working behind the scenes, so that peace could return to this world.

What is taking so long?

Are the Green Light promoters going chicken?

A Curative for Washington’s Terror Treachery is Here


Phil Butler — Here’s a look inside the dark nightmare that has become international détente. At the end, I offer a searing summary with a ray of hope. The curative I mention, it’s called truth.

The truth of world relationships today lies at the end of a trail of bread crumbs leading straight to Moscow. As strange as that may sound coming from an American writer, I say “the truth is where you find it.”  The “truth” I speak of is, the United States of America has in large measure created most of our current conflicts. The reasons are manifest, and mostly have to do with big business. This has been argued, and illustrated, widely. But some very wise experts, and catalogs of events now reveal just how precarious the world governing systems are today. I shall outlined at length, what I feel are the central issues.

Is Fort Knox Empty?

New Eastern Outlook (NEO) contributor F. William Engdahl  now outlines the economic reasons for Washington’s desperation here. What the noted economics researcher and historian reveals is essentially a “broke” America. And he’s not the only one saying this. Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump has alluded to this many times in the past few years. If you ever wondered at Barack Obama’s relentless harping against Putin or Assad, there it is. If Russia, China and the BRICS exit the dollar, if other pressures intensify, we are over. This is fundamentally unarguable. The United States cannot operate as she has in the past, if the dollar crashes. This says nothing for the internal turmoil, the strife that would affect Americans.

Engdahl’s argument is sound. The US Dollar is based on trust only. There is nothing standing behind it, except the “word” of the Federal Reserve Bank, that is. America is in effect, one big printing press for world markets. This is why you see billions plugged into all these leaders’ and nations’ causes. Aid packaged, defense spending, it is all just printed like toilet paper. What you are witnessing is an American hegemony bought with air, this is the reality. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping know this all too well, but it’s not necessarily in their country’s best interest, if the dollar goes belly up. The moves we see to converting to new world currencies is not an attack, it’s a defense against Babylon falling. I’ve heard rumors Fort Knox is all but empty, and if this is true Obama’s actions can be more easily explained.

The Proof is in — the Jury’s Out

Zero Hedge’s infamous Tyler Durden has provided us with a fact sheet on high treason. Durden lays out the Russian MoD’s case against Turkey’s leadership. The short version of Durden’s revelation is, the US State Department is lying. US officials know full well ISIL is shipping massive quantities of oil via truck convoys from east Syria toward Turkey in direction Al-Qamishli´. The Obama administration’s knowingly misleading the people of the United States, it’s a far more disturbing and dangerous issue though.

I’ll turn now to Alex Jones of InfoWars, for a snapshot of how many Americans feel at this moment. While Jones often veers off into extreme theories at times, more and more lately the radio host and documentary filmmaker described as “America’s leading conspiracy theorist” — he’s broadcast common sense dissent on America’s current political meltdown. Sunday night’s timely Obama address, from the Oval Office framed Jones’ fear Washington will carve up the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution over the San Bernardino massacre. Here’s the gist of Jones’ warning to the hundreds of thousands who follow him:

“Obama is using terror to end due process and strip you of your rights, it’s reprehensible!”

Mr. Obama’s address contains many disturbing points. His onerous twisting of truth is not only grievous, but dangerous. As Jones suggests, this whole 2nd amendment issue is the latest stretching of the US Constitution by his administration. NSA spying, bailing out the banks, CIA torture and “black sites”, rescinding the rights of citizens, deploying the Supreme Court on gay marriage, no president in history has infringed on more American freedoms. I should not have to delve more deeply into these allegations, Mr. Obama argues all my points from his own lips, each time he says; “That’s not who we are.” Well, dealing underhanded, destroying America’s credibility and friendships at every turn, and blaming the hen house for what the fox is doing, this is not who “we the people are.” Of that I am certain.

Obama interjects his own malfeasance in Sunday’s speech. By asserting once again “national security” is at stake, the president damns his administration and that of George W. Bush’s as well. Study his framing of a national threat here:

“The need to act could not be more clear. From 2004 to 2014, for example, 2,000 people on the terror watch list were able to purchase guns.”

“Are these people incompetent or intent on creating terror and havoc?” This is the logical question which arises from Obama’s nonsensical pleas these days. If trillions and trillions have been spent fighting terror, and with Homeland Security and the NSA usurping constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, someone explain how there are 2,000 potentially dangerous people armed to the teeth in the United States? Barack Obama just admitted we have not been protecting Americans. He just admitted America is defenseless even after Afghanistan, Iraq, Arab Spring, and Guantanamo. The president goes on in this speech to outline other “measures” to defeat ISIL and terror. But the overriding question arises continually; “Why were these measures not already taken?”

Donald Trump Versus Humpty Dumpty

The “war on terror” was never about protecting America, we were never really in danger, before now that is. So my point one is made here. Whether the elites in London and Washington intend to destroy the United States in some new world order scheme, or if our leadership is just this corrupt and stupid, the outcome is the same. We’re seeing a desperation battle waged against an emerging Russia and BRICS inevitability. The “cover up” Tyler Durden’s Zero Hedge piece cements, it’s mirrored in a cover up to hide monstrous economic disaster. As far back as 2012 Donald Trump was predicting a “writing down” of America’s debt, and an ensuing “financial ruin,” citizens would have to deal with. But what Trump speculates will happen is a boom economy compared to some predictions. New York Times bestselling author, Robert Wiedemer’s book Aftershock reveals a veritable Economic Armageddon when the house of cards falls. To summarize his arguments is difficult, but a recent interview tells us why Vladimir Putin and Russia move away from the dollar. Wiedemer tells us why the confidence in the dollar (and America) being lost, is the real emergency. Here’s a segment of a recent discussion the author had:

“You know, one of the strange things about how people view the dollar and its strength is that they don’t understand what gives the dollar its strength. They think the dollar has strength because people love the U.S., or we have a very stable economy, and that’s partly true, but what most gives the dollar the strength is that people buy them.”

When it was discovered the Obama administration and western elites had declared war on Russia’s ruble, it seemed only natural for Vladimir Putin to ramp up the Eurasian Union initiative. I originally though; “It’s all Putin could do to counter Obama’s financial attack.” But I was wrong. Russia, China and the rest of the BRICS did not reach monumental accord in an effort to hurt America. Putin’s 2014 trip was portrayed in western press as a “power” move by the Russian president. As it turns out, BRICS policy is probably aimed at defense against an American economic collapse, against Humpty Dumpty taking the big fall.

Damascus or Bust!

I said I would hem all this up in a tight summary, so here it is. We know now the so-called “War on Terror” is nothing of the sort. There were no “weapons of mass destruction.” The Taliban is still ravaging Afghanistan. ISIL and jihadism are more widespread today than on September 11th, 2001. Now Europe faces a refugee crisis of unprecedented scale. Governments from Morocco to Pakistan bear scars from the overt and covert actions of a single nation. America has, by Barack Obama’s own admission; twisted arms, tortured, drone killed, sanctioned, and tried to marginalize every nation on this world. This president’s executive leadership has shaken the confidence of every intelligent American, and that of the world’s peoples. He makes my summary for me with this:

“For seven years, I have confronted this evolving threat each morning in my intelligence briefing. And since the day I took this office, I have authorized U.S. forces to take out terrorists abroad precisely because I know how real the danger is. As Commander-in-Chief, I have no greater responsibility than the security of the American people.”

William Engdahl fears the world will abandon the dollar soon. And the world will, before the currency is finally depreciated to near nothing. Tyler Durden, who probably really is Daniel Ivandjiiski, says the Russian Ministry of Defense assuredly proved the Turks receive ISIL oil trucks. Tyler, or Daniel, is correct in his contention, and the United States Government has flown air cover for ISIL and Al-Qaeda, supposedly our sworn enemies. Alex Jones fears Obama has declared war on the US Constitution, and he is right. This 2ndamendment issue is the tipping point, a preparatory move to ensure economic chaos will not end in revolution. As conspiratorial as that sounds, I assure you the danger is real. If Barack Obama attempts to bridge citizen’s right to bear arms, ISIL will be the least of America’s problems. This would mean open revolution, tens of millions of my countrymen would never stand for it. But this is too broad to discuss here. I promised you a glimmer of hope, so I leave you with it.

For about two years now I’ve been writing and analyzing from the “dissenting” point of view on this new west-east crisis. For a long time my friends and colleagues back in the US did not understand. Many were quite concerned, I assure you. New media there that once welcomed my editorials or news, they soon shunned any copy from me. Friends and business went awry for us, it has not been easy arguing against Obama’s policies. That said, a Facebook share this weekend signaled something extraordinary happening. The silent majority in my country has been awakened. A friend, a former school superintendent and public figure from “down home” came forward on a photo commentary I made about Vladimir Putin. I was discussing his incomparable appeal, his obvious affinity for kids. This is what I got in an unexpected answer on character and conviction:

“You are so right, Phil. I’ve followed as closely as my time allows and Putin is a man of strong convictions- and character.”

We are seeing a “do or die” effort by a western hegemony play out over the top of Damascus, Syria. But with so much catastrophic news bombarding us, the comment by my friend in Georgia in the US is a bright spark. The people where I come from are not convinced easily. It took a lot for them to fall in behind Barack Obama in the first place. George Soros’ money, and Oprah Winfrey evangelizing in stadiums in South Carolina, it was PR and massive business powers that got Obama elected. The glimmer of hope is this though. With the silent majority paying attention now, we’re only one wrong decision away from a regime change. My Georgia friend is but one, of thousands I see questioning now.

I hope for the sake of my country, the rulers in Washington realize this. But then, maybe a revolution was their ultimate end game all along? Like I said, we’ve a ray of hope for peace and a return to the republic.


What we are noticing though is that those who were saying years ago that a revolution is brewing in America are instead joining the social media protest crowd instead of really doing the hard work behind the scenes like organizing community groups and conducting militia training.

What’s worse, the last time we posted about militia updates right here, we were accused of fear-mongering and calling us paid shills. To our accuser, don’t blame us for your own shortcomings.

Asian secret societies have been squeezing the purses of the war mongers so that it would be much easier for Western patriots to kill the beast, and yet nobody, it seems, wants to finish the job for good.

The Russians, through the able leadership of Putin and  have been risking their necks and limbs, even paying with real blood from shot down civilian airliner and parachuting pilot, while the rest of the world could only do as much as clap their hands and cheer on when the actual job at hand requires everybody.

The beast is sitting right in your own doorsteps, rampaging in your own backyard, throwing insults to injury by denying wrongdoings with a smile on live TV, and all you can do is murmur and protest?

hillary amused

Instead you blame the immigrants for stealing your opportunities, forgetting you are among them; shooting the desperate at the border instead of shooting those that are already inside the territory pretending to be public servants.

Don’t you think that when you have eliminated the suit and tie parasites inside America, there won’t any more be illegal immigrants as their lives would greatly improve sans US geopolitical intervention in their own home country?

That is the burden that every American must carry today.

You have enjoyed the good life for decades while the rest of the world are living in slums, makeshift houses after war of democracy tore down their homes to rubble.

You can keep dreaming on, but a police state that you have allowed to exist in your “land of the free” cannot be defeated through daily protests, or online petitions.

Those who told you that meditation is enough to repel the evils of our society have studied the inner workings of the mind, and they know how to provide a good excuse for not joining an armed struggle.

There is only one truth that must be cherished at this point in time. Meditation alone did not give birth to the First American Republic. It was fought for by selfless armed patriots against a mighty empire.

That’s the template from which Americans can proceed to a real, meaningful change. That’s the only thing that has been proven to work so far.

The pen is mightier against the sword only when it successfully aroused the nation to an armed struggle and will be willing to fight for a noble cause to the very end.

Armed militia groups don’t need to show off their gears in a worthless street march and replicate a military exercise to condemn the series of false flag operations. That’s the Unites States government’s job.

The time for counter-propaganda is too late; the time for action is long overdue.



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