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Introduction by Mary Carmel

Below is a video regarding the update on the Hammond Ranch situation. The Pete Santilli show read the open letter to Sheriff Ward. It is a must for all interested in addressing the matrix of fraud that has, and is taking place within our country and courts. Pete has left a copy of the letter for download in PDF form. It is time for Americans to get on board, email, or contact via snail mail this sheriff and do your part. Judge Anna Maria Reizinger is an active common law judge, she is brilliant at explaining the real information needed to understand how we have been occupied illegally since the Civil War, by a foreign entity, the BAR association and international bankers. I highly recommend that you listen to this pertinent information in order to understand that you could be next,  or any one of us, as we are witnessing blatant disregard for the Constitution (there is a reason why they try to do this so openly). If you are interested in getting on board with the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury, contact www.nationallibertyalliance.org.

Only the people can save America… Do not believe that a politician is going to save the day, they are agents of this corporation. This is where the road hits the pavement, right now, we are facing  a 1776 situation. This action to incorporate our  government by British agents of the crown, enslaving us to their banking system, illegal statutes, and courts, was done without our consent. Join us to maintain our rightful ownership of the Republic as sovereign people. Visit the website above and sign in, read the court filings, we are taking action. We have a fraudulent government since the Civil War, the judicial as well as legislative branch are guilty of taking part, along with Executive Branch, ALL guilty of treason! This includes all municipalities, sheriffs, police, FBI, IRS, and yes the UN, etc..MC


See video Below and address to the article that provides this letter for you to download.





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