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Dane Wigington

Contributor, ZenGardner.com

“There comes a time when telling the truth is a revolutionary act”, this is true even within our own families. “To thine own self be true”, we must not ignore our conscience, ever. Attached is one activist’s story of the struggle he has endured in his attempt to try and introduce the climate engineering issue to his family circle over the holidays.
Dane Wigington

Activism and Turkey Dinner w/ Family; “I Don’t Want to Know & I Don’t Care”

( ~ Ed. I’m sure many of you experience the same difficulties with family trying to educate, alert and inform.   We must be heard and we must not fail to rally all towards a common goal to halt Geoengineering.  It is not about you and I, it is about our chidren’s very uncertain future and that of all sentient Life.)
Earth is under siege from countless factors. Unimaginable and irreparable damage has been done, there is no going back in any time frame that matters. We are now in a battle to preserve what is left of our planet’s life support systems.
The greatest single leap we can make in the right direction is to expose and halt climate engineering. The natural resources that industrialized/militarized society has relied on to sustain itself are waning at blinding speed.
Rapidly escalating global conflict is directly connected to the increasing scarcity. Global economic, environmental, and societal collapse is already unfolding. No matter how ominous the horizon has become, the vast majority of the population are so far still bent on remaining in denial.

All will be forced to face the truth soon, there is no place to hide from what is unfolding.   Dane Wiggington of Geoengineeringwatch.org (source)


Activists in Rohnert Park, CA help spread the word.

Mass spraying off CA Coast last week





Absurdly heavy chemtrails spraying, layer after layer, last week along the CA coast.
Does anyone care we are being sprayed like bugs?
(This is an open letter to my family)
Dear Beloved Family,

I apologize for leaving the Thanksgiving Dinner early and not saying good bye before dessert was even served.

It is very sad and unfortunate that many in our family cannot discuss things that truly matter and that will increasingly effect us all much greater, in a very short time horizon.

It is only a couple times a year that all who we hold dear and love the most gather.  Many of you wish for only pleasantries and celebration when we gather, yet, as you can discover below, time is short for all on Earth if we don’t immediately halt and change the Geoengineering of our Earth by Mad Scientists and their rulers.

 “Dont want to hear it” and “Don’t Care”.

At the dinner table, a Senior member and I got into a discussion that turned to water. When i pointed out the sheer in-saneness that we have no water yet golf courses, wineries, car washes, etc. were still operating as business as usual, she went off on me and left the table stating over and over and over, “I don’t want to hear it!” and “I don’t care!”.

Maybe because she is in her sunset years or maybe she cannot handle just one more piece of bad news or maybe she, and family members, including doctors and dentists in our family, are simply marginalized by Weapons of Mass Distraction.



No one wants  to be the bearer of such news, yet it is the courageous, the informed and the willing to look at all things dark, that shine the light so dark can no longer hide in the shadows.
I do it out of love for you all, though i suspect, this will be my last family dinner with you all.
I get it, that some of you in your Golden Years want peace, harmony, tranquility, ect.  but at what cost to the future of our children?  If you’ve passed on, and our children’s future is greatly compromised or ended, I guarantee you will still feel it in the after life when full consciousness is regained.

We have become a nation of the “dumb and numb”.  No doubt the daily barrage of horrible news is overwhelming, but we must choose to see, choose to learn, choose to understand.  To declare, like one of you did to me, in no uncertain terms, that you “don’t care and don’t want to know” is shameful, IMHO.

We have to want to know. We have to talk about things that matter. Every man women and child had a current debt of some $148,000 while trillions are spent with our tax dollars to bomb the living crap out of the next country on the NWO list (Syria).

My God, the Pacific Ocean is dying and as it dies it is releasing terminal amounts of methane gas from the ocean floors as large pools are released due to the warming oceans.

They just cancelled the entire Crab season all up and down the West Coast due to mass red algae blooms toxifying the crustaceans.

California Shuts Down Commercial Crab Season

Same thing occurring with our Rivers in N. California

Warnings of toxic algae on Russian River in Sonoma County

Salmon have gone extinct in our CA rivers.

California drought puts Chinook salmon in danger of extinction

.and then their is Fukushima, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly spewing radiation unabated now since 2011.

Fukushima radiation has reached North American shores

Don’t want to know, don’t care.  WTFU!?!
Geoengineering is the manipulation of our weather. It is also known as Climate Modification, Strategic Radiation Management (SRM) and Strategic Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG). They have been practicing GE for over 40 years now and there are over 147 patents specifically relating to “Sky Painting”, as I sometimes refer to it, with over 200 corporations doing the outsource operations.

Yet most of the Earth’s population are absolutely clueless what is, and has been, going on over our heads for decades.

They are spraying for many different reasons and our bodies are up taking the aluminum and barium to the point that you can do a very simple self test on you and others to see the chemtrail nano fibers that live in all our bodies.

Do this test for yourself and see the results.  We are nothing but lab rats and guinea pigs to these madmen psychopaths.
Also, the fluoridation of our water supplies, used in Russia and Germany to control prisoners, and is a hazardous waste by-product of the Aluminum Companies, also helps with uptake of aluminum.
Fluoride causes you to absorb more aluminum that you come into contact with and that aluminum can cross the blood-brain barrier, causing Alzheimer’s and short-term memory loss as mentioned earlier.  Studies show a 5-15 point reduction in IQ associated with fluoridation.  That might be one of the many reasons to stop drinking fluoride.

There is GE for increased snow, water, etc.

List Of Companies Engaged in Weather Modification



24 inches of rain in just three days ONLY in South Carolina. What are the odds?

Looks like one big F-U to me.




There is GE for frequency “hopping” like was used in the Arab Spring protests that increased the anger and emotions of the participants.GE was used in Katrina, Sandy Hurricanes and the massive 24 inches of rain in just 3 days, in just one state, South Carolina

And the hardest of them all to fathom is that the technology is so advanced, they are using nano technology, super computers, neuron synapse replacers combined with GE to target individuals for Silent Torture.  This can be done to anyone, anywhere, at anytime as they are beta testing before a world roll out to create what the Powers That Be call the “Hived Mind”.

Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report

here is a nano lab CGI of what can be, or is, installed in us, for control purposes.

Nanobots replacing neurons

If you doubt in anyway this happening, look at the billions and billions that have been spent on Brain mapping.

US brain-map project could dwarf its European rival


However, the most important reason to learn and understand about GE is that we don’t have much time before Earth becomes inhabitable, sorry to say.  Here is a YT I recently did about how all our trees are dying due the massive hole we’ve blown in our Ionosphere causing a 1000% increase in deadly UVB ray. This is why the trees are dying around the world. This is why i’m having so much difficulty growing food at my ranch.

UVB Radiation Is Off The Charts, Metering Proves This Fact

This is why the Sun feels so hot on your skin these days and is said to help cause a 70% increase in cancer by 2030 according to WHO. That is just 15 years from now.  The outlook for Wall Street Big Pharma, Big Med stocks look very promising.

World Health Org ~ Worldwide cancer cases expected to soar by 70% over next 15 years

The most dangerous, and the technological mad science being utilized by GE’rs though is going on in the Arctic.


As you can see by todays map, the US. is in a engineered cold spell while the Arctic is on Fire. This accelerates the methane release. So the Mad Scientists, and their handlers, are using GE to “blast” the massive methane pools being released with HAARP alternating frequencies to create “Nano-Diamonds”.  (Morbidly, they call this project “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” since the blasting is supposed to create “nano diamonds”.)

Sadly,their attempts have only made things worse, much worse. So they have been stealing the weather from CA and directing the fronts to the Arctic and this is why we are in a prolonged drought.


Methane has initially some 100 to 200 times more C02 when exposed to air and takes 1 1/2 – 2 years to be fully felt.  Mass releases began in 2007, then again a much larger pool of releases began occurring in 2013 and now, according to hard data, the lid has come off as the Pacific Ocean, Greenland, the Arctic and Siberia are all releasing mass methane.

Mad Scientist Geoengineering To Our Very Near Term Extinction

California is in the “Greatest Crisis in the History of California” and absolutely now one seems to give a shit out here on the “Left Coast”.  The bedroom communities of Marin have half lawns lush green while others are brown, yet golf courses, car washes, wineries, etc. still suck it all up and out. This is the 5th straight year of drought, yet the Hopium still as all addicted to “hope” that the rains are coming because the “Super El_Nino” is coming.

The weather services owned almost entirely by the Rockefellers, predicted in the Fall of 2012, 2013, 2014, similar “hopium”, yet were completely wrong.  They are now resulting in under reporting temperatures as we reached 3 straight days of 108 degrees this past mid-October, setting all kinds of records, yet a high of 97 was only reported. (you can also read here about the legislation to dam up the entire CA basin and privatize wells, because as the Stanford report states that it will keep warming for decades and the water is not coming.)

Mega Drought in California Significantly Worsens, Though Not Reported on by the Weather Channel, et. al

Well it is almost December and we’ve only had piss-ant, less than a pot full of rain, with little coming on the 30 day horizon.  Last February, water to central valley farmers were cut off entirely for the 2nd year in a row. CA used to provide 42% of domestic food for our country. Not anymore.

Why would our Jesuit trained Governor Brown allow the farmers to be cut off but golf courses and wineries are going full bore?

The Death of California Agriculture; It’s All Your Fault


The Biggest Elephant at the Turkey Table and Beyond.

I’ve included below my deep research and work over the past 10 years to disclose the Biggest Elephant in All Our Rooms, that few know about, yet is rapidly causing a 6th Great Exitnction event due to our malfeasance, ignorance to things that truly matter, and the sociopaths that rule our world today and have ruled for centuries.

12th Hour on our Extinction Level Event (ELE)

At dinner, I was challenged on my “Truth”.  As in “that is your truth, not mine”. The immediate and direct response was an ad hominen attack against me that “how do you know what is truth.”  “What makes your truth better than mine”.

I tried to respond that I have invested some 25 very successful years on Wall Street and used that knowledge for the past decade to discover, uncover, and disclose some very, very inconvenient truths that everyone needs to be aware of so that we can come together to stop all the madness of our collective extinction.

I have spent 6-8 hours nearly everyday for the past 9 years, researching, reading and analyzing the mass scientific data.  I’ve talked to pilots, biologists, US Forest Service executives and taking readings on my on lands and waters to confirm the heavy metals in my soil and water, that could only of come from GE.

As you can see by this image, we are, and have been for over 20 years, sprayed like insects in the skies above. These “cigar” chemtrails are laid out over the Pacific, just off the coast of the entire West Coast just last week. This is called “Geoengineering’ and i cover the who, what and why’s in this article (here) .

Additionally, the madness is included in the weather reports of snow resulting with temperatures well above freezing in CA and Beyond as well as mass nucleated, geoengineered massive hail storms worldwide.


Does this look “normal” to you?




How can a “Winter storm” unfold with high temperatures in the ranges shown below?
NO Where to Run, Nowhere to HIde

Geoengineering is a world wide phenomenon. There is no escaping their madness.

Like those of us who are awakened, I will continue to speak out. be heard and be relentless in spreading “truths” about what is going on to our world.  Time is very short and  all will son realize, not just the marine life, not just the plant life, or the tree life, but ALL will feel the deadly effects of what we have created…

…and what we have allowed to occur on our watch.

I have a ten year old boy and I care about him and all his fellow children of this Earth.

You cannot and will not shut me up.

Tag your it.

To be silent is to betray the future of all Life beings for short term pacification.
Speak out. Be heard. Act.





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