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By Mary Carmel


There are certain politicians, and extremists, including Barack Obama and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, that have been caught by the FBI inciting violence, within Mosques around the US. Under the circumstances, let us find a remedy, before the chaos of the migrant crisis hits hard, as it has in Europe. This is happening by design, and even funded by our leaders. They are way ahead of you, about 1,400 years… Read up people, because they are counting on the fact that you  do not understand the nature of Islam, and most people do not have true knowledge of it’s history. The media blackout on this is astounding, as well as the silence of other religious leaders on the subject. Why? Take a look into history, the real truth is there. The struggle for world dominance remains in the hands of extremists, whether it be the political power of the Jesuits, the Zionists, or Islam. There is a very good reason why Russia and China will not allow it!!!



I do not know why we even need to discuss this in the United States, “Sharia law.” Under your right to free speech, what is NOT included, is shouting fire in a crowded theater, or verbally threatening to harm another individual. It seems that Islam is hell bent on pursuing their goal to destroy Western culture. Rape cases in Europe are staggering, Sweden has become the rape capitol of the world since the migrant crisis has accelerated, while police are actually looking the other way in many cases (useless idiots following orders in the name of politics)!!? This is not the first time in history that an Islamic invasion of Europe has occurred, and it is also happening in the US. There is no liberty, only anarchy, without law…the reasoning behind the US constitution and Bill of Rights, our forefathers knew the true history of Europe as well as Islam. They spoke of tyranny and oppression openly, and Western culture as a whole, is at stake here.

It is NOT OK to threaten a whole society! It IS a no brainer for Americans and people worldwide to speak out and call them on this behavior NOW. It is not allowed here, and our laws are not written to appease any religion either, so pop out from behind the religious excuse you are toting with your Islamic ideology, because that nonsense is not flushing here! If it were the other way around, NO ONE would put up with it. In fact, people of real Judaic faith are protesting against the Zionist government in Israel that is committing genocide in Palestine. Back up in history, and the Vatican’s “holy” Inquisition was in the name of Christianity. Understand these extreme groups, none of them are about religion, they are about power and politics.

We were taught in school, to feel guilty for the Crusades, as well as the propagandized Holocaust after WWII, that the West is still paying for. That Western guilt still sticks today (9/11 was a geopolitical move to open this hornet’s nest globally, and we feel responsible for these wars that our governments have instigated, many innocent people have died, Western leaders alone, are not the only ones that are involved). Perhaps this is why there still are unsolved facts, and hidden pages of the investigation they refuse to share. In the past, it was not until Islam had overtaken civilization, through the destruction of Europe and the economy, as well as parts of Africa, the rest of the Middle East, that Rome finally took action at the request of others . We are still supposed to believe that the Crusades were responsible for the higher number of deaths in the name of Christianity throughout history. This data is incorrect, it was not until the persecution of the Kaliff (non Muslims), that the world’s population had fallen into slavery as a result of Islamic invasion… see the numbers. Jihad has come to the West again, in fact the persecution never really stopped. Educate yourselves. Do not rely on mainstream media, even colleges misconstrue these facts and omit a lot. Many innocent people are at risk, have perished, and have been pawns in this global endeavor!

People, please contact your congress now, and help to get present legislation through that stops this ‘hate speech’. It seems to be the most productive way that states are legislating to prohibit Sharia law, because if you CALL it Sharia law, CAIR and other groups are getting in a twist, and counteracting. So call it what it is, hate speech, and hate crime not just ‘Radical Islam”… perhaps we can make more progress, until present bills can be passed in the senate, that categorize CAIR and others, as the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups they really are, along with President Obama who funds them. The Supreme court has ruled against hate speech that incites violence, make them stand behind the law! Nullification of an unconstitutional law is the remedy here, if they will not comply. MC

Please see petition link below, with an interactive map, to find where your state stands on this issue.


For a fuller explanation of the historical facts regarding Islam, it’s origin, and present day activity toward conquering the West, see videos below: