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500 MCN TJ

By Mary Carmel

America can no longer succumb to the beatings it has taken, from a small percentage of criminals that have decidedly tried to steal the future of our Republic. This country was BORN on the premise that this should NEVER be. The tyranny that has permeated all branches of our government, as well as the dark influence of the Israeli lobby, bankers, corporations, politicians, etc., if not stopped now, will be the end of America. The time was yesterday, and even a four year old child could understand what is going on.

The independent media has been working night and day for many years, to awaken those that might still believe what the corrupt mainstream media anchors dish out every day. These tyrants sign their paychecks, of course they can look into the camera and lie to you! If Americans are too lazy to TRY and wrap their brains around what their responsibilities are, to maintain freedom for all involved, they will forever be remembered for their silence. There is NO EXCUSE.

Our country is facing complete demise, and you will not recognize it afterward (if you are lucky enough to live through it),  if you insist on selling out to this fascism. When our forefathers wrote the Constitution, it is crystal clear, what they were trying to insulate us from… They knew, because it was already the case in Europe for so many years. These wars of the past, were nothing more than banker wars, land grabs, and the mass killing of innocent people for profit and power.

There is a reason why our ancestors in the US, shed their blood on the battlefields for our freedom. The apathy and the denial of the American people that refuse to wake up and take action, is no longer acceptable. You not only have the RIGHT to defend freedom, if you wish to maintain it, you have the DUTY to protect it, and that of future generations. MC