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If you  want to get to the  root of the problem that we have been facing, globally, You must listen  to Dr. David Duke , Period !!! He is the real deal, and it is time that we  stop avoiding the  PC that  has been pounded into us  via the mainstream media owned  and  controlled  by the Zio Cabal, as  well as attacking us  though the years with other means, such as our education, health, and financial systems, to name a few. It seems that the truth movement still cannot  get around the one group that is off limits to address!!! Our efforts are futile, as well as the survival of the European, and American cultures, if we  do not start  this  conversation on a regular basis!  The following video  is just one of the many, as well as his publications, worldwide speeches, and of course he has been demonized , by the cabal for his work. No one out there nails the source of  the tyranny inflicted on our society, our race, and  the dangers we face if we do not make this discussion top priority. Please  remember,  we are all here to fight for the freedom of all humanity, but some of us are getting the fuzzy end of the lollypop, while a small group, is sitting back , and reveling in the the demise of our  cultures respectively. A most important video, as well, please visit Dr. David Duke at his website listed in the video description. All of the issues we have addressed over the years, fall under the same umbrella. it is time to deal with the ailment, not the symptoms anymore!  MC


Published on Sep 3, 2015


Dr. David Duke is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a BA in History. He pursued a PhD in the largest university in Ukraine and in 2005 completed his Doctoral Defense in Kiev. He is a former member of the House of Representatives from Louisiana. His books “Jewish Supremacism” and “My Awakening” are translated into numerous languages, with millions of copies in circulation. Duke is with us to share his views on the right of every people on earth to preserve their heritage, genetic lineage, cultural traditions and freedom. Dr. Duke views Zionist-driven globalism and its collaborators the greatest enemies of mankind, and his ideas bring forth a way of liberation for all people by promoting a new paradigm for true human diversity and freedom. We discuss psychological conditionings and associations that Europeans are the enemies of mankind, and David describes how we can raze the system of Jewish supremacy that keeps this propaganda in circulation. We talk about the Jewish-controlled media’s role in changing the value systems of the Western world, teaching destructive behavior, over-sexualization, and the dismantling of the nuclear family. David points to the depth of Zionist political corruption in our government, and he asserts that the only way to free ourselves from this occupying force is to instruct our people of this mortal enemy. We get into Christian Zionism, civil liberties, and the importance of White people connecting with their ancestry to understand the tremendous accomplishments that were achieved in establishing the great European nations that exist today. David says that our survival is hinged on elevating and supporting women, and that men must make revolutions within themselves in order to rise up to their fullest potential and attract viable mates. Then, we look at the ever-popular meme of ‘White supremacy’ that is used to attack White human rights activists, along with the fact that it is the inborn urge of every people to express their essence in their own forms of art, music, culture, religion, societal structure and government. He underscores the source of the ultimate racist supremacy on Earth, and he suggests that by regaining control of the media, European values can be restored and peace will ensue. At the end, we touch on ways to use simple psychology to open the minds of people to understanding the true nature of human diversity.

Authors website: http://www.davidduke.com/

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