by Glenn Canady

The following crucial interview of Harold Rosenthal is crucial to understanding our current world and UN agency runs it. Not all jews area unit a part of this Zionist pretend Jew takeover agenda mentioned within the video in fact. Some Jews truly believe Jesus is that the Son of God however they’re sadly alittle minority. several can come back to Christ within the final days, the Bible tells us this.

It’s vital to be told the outlook of those evil Zionists who serve Lucifer and then a lot of is explained during this video from 1976. Harold Rosenthal was terribly concerned within the workings of our government in Washington D.C. Shortly after this interview Rosenthal was killed during a hijacking however it appears obvious to me that he was taken out and also the hijacking was solely used as a cover up. i believe he had to be killed for spilling the beans on everything here for some cash!

I pray several of those Luciferian Zionists can come back to jesus before it’s too late for them and that they get thrown into the lake of fire. These are the individuals i think were named within the Bible as fake Jews (they say {they are|they’re} Jews but are not!) or the synagogue of Satan.

See petition to repeal the Noah Hide laws, passed through congress very secretly under GH Bush Sr, making NON JEWISH US citizens guilty of not following JEWISH Noah Hide laws, and the sentence is decapitation. This explained the recent purchase  for 30,000 guillotines. Please sign and share. MC  Change.org


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