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Submitted by Paul Craig Roberts,

The Pentagon has released its ?National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2015,? June 2015.

The document announces a shift in focus from terrorists to ?state actors? that ?are challenging international norms.? It is important to understand what these words mean. Governments that challenge international norms are sovereign countries that pursue policies independently of Washington?s policies. These ?revisionist states? are threats, not because they plan to attack the US, which the Pentagon admits neither Russia nor China intend, but because they are independent. In other words, the norm is dependence on Washington.

Be sure to grasp the point: The threat is the existence of sovereign states, whose independence of action makes them ?revisionist states.? In other words, their independence is out of step with the neoconservative Uni-power doctrine that declares independence to be the right of Washington alone. Washington?s History-given…

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