Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Only one state’s don’t-do-it approach to seizing your property receives a ringing endorsement from FreedomWorks, which has just released a map that assigns the 50 states letter grades to assess their civil asset forfeiture laws.

New Mexico, which overhauled its civil forfeiture law in a bipartisan effort earlier this year, earned the “A” — but nearly every other state has a lot of catching up to do. The Land of Enchantment earned the lone endorsement following a major reform effort in April which abolished the practice altogether.


FreedomWorks hailed the passage of New Mexico’s HB 560 as “the strongest protection of private property in the country” after Republican Gov. Susana Martinez signed the bill into law. “New Mexico is now a national leader on this issue and a model for other states to follow,” the watchdog declared.

As for everyone else, well, things are still pretty awful. Nine states…

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