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Introduction by Mary Carmel 5.28.2015

I often wonder what motivated our forefathers to flee the tyranny of oppression, with a vision so clear, nothing seemed to block it. For centuries, the ruling class had inhibited the progress of so many. This brings me to a historical, yet more scientific dance with the answers to such a question.

Given what we now know, that these people were not only brilliant, but “enlightened” along with others in their league, such as Nikola Tesla or  Mozart, etc… It could very well be that envisioning the journey from point A (a life of tyranny), to point B (remedy & success), was essential to arriving there. Holding onto the win (freedom to prosper from this), required what Thomas Jefferson and the rest knew… participation of the masses.

Through distraction, and the tools of the elite pounding the idea that we are incapable of lighting our own way (then inflicting an educational, financial, and even altered religious repression upon us), did we just lose our grip on the truth along the way? Our individual powers and gifts stomped on, even by ourselves?

Time shows that much of the genius walking our planet, often met with a hard blow, and from the ones that benefited from their misfortune the most (the monetary controllers). Mozart had not a penny left, nor did Tesla, to name just two of many more. I for one, will never accept the logic in this, as the inventor of myself.  Math has no holes. Nature takes no instruction, and we are part of that system.

Ponder it, “There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen; all you have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking…let things happen…and be…the ball.” as someone once penned, for the movie Caddyshack. An accident? No…. the most essential sentence in the storyline, another subliminal message from the powers that be, tucked inside a movie script.  MC

Enjoy the  short video below.

Garret John  3.12.2014

“Greetings. We are from the future. Everything is going to be alright. The future is a beautiful place. But you will need some training in order to get there…”