Christian Patriots

The massacre of Greek citizens under their Goldman Sachs controlled puppets, continues and Greeks are dying while the banks are getting paid for their bad credit swap derivatives.  Greece is on the verge of a grass roots led civil war. Why should America be any different than Greece? The reason that the banking and retirement accounts of Greece have been destroyed is because Greece was chosen by the banksters to pillage their economy in order to help pay off their derivatives debt.

The passage of the Bail-outs was the day that America committed suicide. The passage of the Bankster bailouts was the day that America committed suicide.

Think of Greece as being an appendage and the appendage belongs to a man who has a staff infection which is rapidly spreading through his system. To save the patient from dying, the patient must first have his hand amputated. When the doctors are unable to stop the infection from spreading, Spain and Italy are the…

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