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By Mary Carmel (MCN)

It still amazes me that so many Americans have been sold the lies about the US Government and it’s relationship with Israel. A good place to start learning the truth about the genocide all over the world, upon the American people and it’s Military would surely spin a few heads out there. Perhaps some people would turn off their Israeli owned TV, and do a double take of their congress people that sign the obligatory paperwork upholding it’s protection of AIPAC, in order not to get run out of office.       (Out of town  for that matter)!

This truth about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, that took the lives of our American servicemen, and left many wounded, must be public knowledge. The government not only silenced these soldiers after injuring them physically and emotionally, deliberately dismissing any charges against our so called allies,  but it has since led the attacks on many other people around the world, costing us our own military personnel. The severity of the infiltration in our government is the exact reason America is spiraling off the map, and will continue to do so relentlessly, if people to not heed the warnings.

When one wonders why Congress is passing legislature daily, that deprives the American people of their liberty,  look no further than the facts surrounding this tragedy. It went all the way up to LB Johnson’s direct orders, and the interior of our government for their actions to cover it up. To this day, they refuse to investigate it(protecting Israel first)? If the American people will stop sleepwalking, and voting for anyone that is remotely involved in the destruction of America(this includes most of your present politicians, putting Israel  first), we may then have a discussion about the real investigations needed to break up this organized crime cabal. They are the perpetrators of 9/11, and the following “war on terror” that functioned as a catalyst to build an army of ISIS and DHS members. Their loyalty to enslaving innocent people globally, and soon here in America under their FEMA camp plans must stop now. The same cabal that did it during WWII is still at work! One must understand the relationship between the bankers, corporations,  the US Government, and the Bush Crime Cabal to understand this.

R.I.P. to all the members of the USS Liberty that died in silence, suffered in the long silence afterward(as well to the other soldiers of the past that fought for what they thought was our liberty, only to realize our Government’s true intentions). Please know that your commitment to protecting us, will never go unnoticed.

WAKE UP AMERICA.. If you think you will be treated any differently than the people of Palestine, Iraq, Libya, and others.. you are mistaken once again. You and your children’s lives are in grave danger as this machine keeps steamrolling over your liberties, day by day. If we cannot change the machine, perhaps we can change how we start treating it, for what it is, a fraud punishable by law, not the statutes they practice in their kangaroo, crown corporation courts. The law of the land in which our forefathers fought to protect.

Under no circumstances can Americans go on, ignoring the facts, sending US aid to Israel, while letting their own lives and prosperity stand in the line of fire. We are tapped out, and in danger. We are occupied until we free ourselves of this ball and chain puppet government that is supposed to be our servant! Get your Memorial Day reflections in order Americans.

See the video below, to learn about what really happened aboard the USS Liberty that day, setting a precedent for the future attack upon America, from within…. My thanks to Veterans Truth Network for keeping us informed, creating an atmosphere outside the matrix, that we can make some sense of.

For additional information about getting involved, bringing these criminals to justice, and taking our Grand Jury back to indict them… Please visit: www.nationallibertyalliance.org  MC