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By Mary Carmel

I write this article and on no way intend to make an attack on the Catholic Church, and it’s sincere followers, as they are trying to clean house of the atrocities that have been hidden by the Jesuit Order. I am a baptized Catholic.

I have written about the Jesuit Order and their place in what I refer to as the very top of the “pyramid power people”. There are many involved here, but the Jesuit Order works under the guise of many others. Karen Hudes is a great person to talk about their financial web of deceit that has been woven throughout the world, she has been on the inside of the world bank as an attorney,  and now whistleblower. I’ll bet you did not know that 60% of your IRS money goes right to the Vatican, after the other 40% takes sharp right through the Rothschild’s Bank of London. People in the US, UK, and around the world ask why their is world hunger, and other atrocities. I shall leave my link under the video, for I have explained this within other articles I have written, for The Liberty Beacon. My recent article about Pope Francis (the first Jesuit pope in history), is packed with info that is essential for one to know in order to understand what has been played out, and hidden from you by the press (owned by the Zionists, in business with the Vatican). We just happen to have the Bush/Scherf Crime Cabal here in the states that has really expedited the New World Order plans for America. They also played an important role in shaping America’s destiny from the turn of the century (World Wars), to JFK’s Assassination, to 9/11/2001, and beyond.

One may just peek into history to see that an enormous percentage of humanity has suffered wrongly (and their plans for us are NOT good), by the Jesuit Order and their partners in crime. These hands of evil that are trying so hard to keep their firm grip on Americans, are frantic, as many of us are fighting back, and humanity in general is tired of the servitude to them!. People are tired of the killing! Tired of the Hunger! Tired of the Injustice!  We have a revolution here, speak out. Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the US in September on the 23rd-25th. According to many, he will be addressing “climate chaos”. Remember the 500 dy countdown to the climate chaos? Google it…His visit is also interestingly scheduled during the Blood Red Moon, and other ritualistic dates that week.

Keep your eyes and ears open people. My, what tools they possess to interfere and create chaos indeed, with likes of HAARP, CERN, & other alphabet soup that the populace has to drink daily. I for one am not looking forward to the pomp and circumstance of such a visit, when I know the intentions are certainly NOT in our best interests. History has proven this. Find out who this pope really is (I suggest some aspirin tablets, or ibuprofin, etc,). Beware of the wolf in the sheep’s clothing.

See more on the subject of the Jesuit Order and the intricate role they play presently, and in the past. HERE. I have included informative video footage, inside these articles as well. There is a very  valid reason why they had been ousted from many countries, and not allowed here at all, when America was born. Spread the knowledge!

Love MC